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@Francesco: in effetti si tratta di 50 secondi di scatto ad f/22, l'albero non č mosso poichč mi trovo (sottovento) circa 200 mt. pių basso rispetto al crinale della montagna.

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  1. Roland (Homepage) wrote: Great photo i like!
  2. Takashi Iwamoto (Homepage) wrote: A wonderful background. However, it is beautiful. Great work. Thanks. :-)
  3. ben (Homepage) wrote: wow. like your black and white processing and with the longtime exposure it looks great!!
  4. roland (Homepage) wrote: Excellent!
  5. Sebastian / Light Distillery (Homepage) wrote: I also like this long time exposure, the clear silhouette and the blurred background make a great combination
  6. kyungmee (Homepage) wrote: Just stunning! All your images are beautiful! Wonderful page.
  7. Keivan Zavari (Homepage) wrote: Oh this is so cool... I really like it. the foreground is sharp and the background is well synchronizing it! good work!
  8. Nik | ExP (Homepage) wrote: Nice BW processing, simply superb strong composition.
  9. DaveDillon (Homepage) wrote: Wow! this is crazy, awesome shot!
  10. sherri (Homepage) wrote: a classic beauty. you've created a terrific sense of motion.
  11. andrey samolinov (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic shot! love it
  12. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: I just don't know how you do this..over and over again!! What amazing processing. Such an evocative mood you've captured/created here.
  13. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: molto affascinante una perfetta esecuzione, complimente veramente bella
  14. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Stunning! That effect is so cool here! Makes for a very interesting image to look at.
  15. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: bello scatto! Tempo lungo, immagino. Interessante come l'albero sia perfettamente immobile
  16. Chapa (Homepage) wrote: Very good shot!
  17. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Really stunning use of motion blur. Love it!!!
  18. CrashRyan (Homepage) wrote: wow!!! wow!!! wow!!!!
  19. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: A great B&W

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