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  1. Maria Manjelo (Homepage) wrote: OMG. This photograph is like a dream. Amazing. Looks alot like a painting.
  2. digital anomaly (Homepage) wrote: LOVE THE MOOD - REALLY AMAZING SHOT
  3. alterego (Homepage) wrote: Stunning work!
  4. k (Homepage) wrote: it looks wonderful!! Amazing photo
  5. Andrej (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful colors tones and the landscape is breathtaking.
  6. Calin C. (Homepage) wrote: This photo put me into a very fairy tale mood!
  7. JL Santiago (Homepage) wrote: So magical. I love this picture!
  8. martin (Homepage) wrote: This is awesome, just love this scene.
  9. andrey samolinov (Homepage) wrote: This is a dream! Fantastic and beautiful landscape! Bravo!
  10. Sebastian / Light Distillery (Homepage) wrote: wow, what a nice moment, great picture
  11. Max (Homepage) wrote: So magical!
  12. Linda (Homepage) wrote: so this is where the fairies hide! fantastic image!
  13. kalaagh (Homepage) wrote: what a greate mistery shot thank you for share
  14. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Classic image! I absolutely love what you created here!
  15. James Fike (Homepage) wrote: Wow, just beautiful. The fog and composition give the feeling that is just part of a dream.
  16. buntaghoto (Homepage) wrote: Kind of a mystical setting.
  17. Rob (Homepage) wrote: Beautifully captured!
  18. kyungmee (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Amazing image..well done!
  19. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: un'altra straordinaria foto, bellissima nell'impatto visivo
  20. CrashRyan (Homepage) wrote: that is bloody amazing !!!!!!!
  21. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: A story book magical scene. How do you so consistently create these images? Like a dream!
  22. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: What a beautiful corner of heaven this spot is! Love the sun rays trough the mist.
  23. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: ellapeppa! Super-scatto dai toni deliziosi. Poco da dire di piů! :)
  24. Leone (Homepage) wrote: Bellísimo paisaje. Te invita a detenerte.

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