i am not going to jump

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...or should i jump ?

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  1. joshi daniel (Homepage) wrote: fantastic and colorful :)
  2. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: What a cute little fella! And what is that he is sitting on? Looks like an elephants skin or something :)(hope I'm not insulting someone now...)
  3. Tomasz Rdzak (Homepage) wrote: Oh! This is great green! Superb colours!
  4. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: Spettacolo!!! Mica c'è tanto altro da dire! (non sono sparito, semplicemente sto lavorando molto, sia con il lavoro "ufficiale",sia con il secondo lavoro del fotoclub... così il tempo libero è davvero poco!)
  5. Renata Campos (Homepage) wrote: Charming subject! i love the details of macro photography.
  6. michael (Homepage) wrote: always great fun to come back to your blog - love the diversity and your well processed hdri 's, great work!
  7. Neeraj (Homepage) wrote: fantastic macro
  8. Barbro (Homepage) wrote: A fantastic macro with splendid details! Love the green colour.
  9. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: exceptional macro
  10. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Love the odd angle and the shallow DOF. We have these baby grass hoppers in our garden too. Difficult to photograph – they are still so tiny!
  11. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Wow what a cool color and great details.
  12. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: Lovely with this vivid greenery
  13. CrashRyan (Homepage) wrote: beautiful macro!
  14. Françoise (Homepage) wrote: you should definitevely jump. it is a great macro photo. I like that the green is so green ans that it is the only color you can see ...
  15. buntagphoto (Homepage) wrote: Love the pause in action. Also nice use of DOF.
  16. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: incredibile!!! complimenti Paolo, la macro è spettacolare...

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