earth wind and water

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@John : we are in Val Canali Tonadico, Trento Italy. It's The Pala group, a mountain range in the Dolomites, in the eastern Trentino, northern Italy.

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  1. john (Homepage) wrote: where is this beautiful place?
  2. Guido (Homepage) wrote: Il vento lo si nota guardando la nuvola sulla montagna. Molto bella
  3. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: So creative with this long exposure. Nice result
  4. sherri (Homepage) wrote: just beautiful. love the water and that wispy cloud.
  5. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: excellent landscape - I like the square format and the use of shutter speed
  6. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: doveva essercene di vento, anche gli alberi risultano mossi in alcuni punti... ma anche questo aggiunge fascino all'immagine anziché toglierne. bello anche il formato quadrato
  7. buntagphoto (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful natural setting. Classic composition.
  8. rem_la (Homepage) wrote: superbe paysage
  9. Albert (Homepage) wrote: Great sharpness and colours. Wonderful landscape.

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