Autumn in Garfagnana

† 01-12-2012 † 8822 views

The Church in the stone, Sambuca, San Romano in Garfagnana

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  1. sherri (Homepage) wrote: looks so ancient. it's like from another time.
  2. Stacy (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful image, I love how the light highlights the church.
  3. tom (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful! Love the warm light and the low hanging fog.
  4. Sebastian (Homepage) wrote: What a wonderdul mood, atmosphere - great how you captured the fogg/clouds!!!
  5. Andrey Samolinov (Homepage) wrote: What a wonderful picture! Exquisite, beautiful, decorative
  6. francesco (Homepage) wrote: posto splendido la Garfagnana, e la tua bellissima foto le rende pienamente giustizia
  7. janina (Homepage) wrote: What a beautiful place! I'd like to visit....fantastic photo....
  8. John Walker (Homepage) wrote: beautiful image and great portfolio. cheers
  9. Wolfgang (Homepage) wrote: Wow, what a landscape shot - the composition, the light, the colours, the fog, the atmosphere - really good work!
  10. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: semplicemente meravigliosa,,, un posto straordinariamente affascinante
  11. Françoise (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful landscape!
  12. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Magical scene and image..and such exquisitely beautiful..extraordinary light!
  13. Thomas (Homepage) wrote: Lovely Panoramic view
  14. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: You definitely were at the right time at the right place. What fantastic scenery! Colors and lighting are really superb!
  15. buntagphoto (Homepage) wrote: What an amazing mountaintop view. Must have been an effort to get to.

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