Barn Owl

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  1. sherri (Homepage) wrote: it's as if it posed for it's portrait
  2. Heidi (Homepage) wrote: AAAAAAWWWWWEEEEE! How very very wonderful!!! I would give my left arm to see an owl in the wild like this. Let alone taking a fabulous image of it!!!!
  3. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: This almost looks staged! Very surreal image!
  4. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: What an extraodinarily stunning capture. Such gorgeous light!
  5. CrashRyan (Homepage) wrote: he's so cute! nicely captured ....
  6. joshi daniel (Homepage) wrote: lonely and nice light :)
  7. Wolfgang (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful composition and light - thanks for sharing!
  8. Kevin (Homepage) wrote: Very beautiful shot ! Great light !
  9. Roland Theys (Homepage) wrote: A excellent photo! great shot!
  10. buntagphoto (Homepage) wrote: The owl is a great subject to contrast with the snow.
  11. Don (Homepage) wrote: Great capture! And besides being fortunate to be there at the right time, this is an excellent exposure.
  12. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Great capture of this wonderful encounter. The light is exceptional here!
  13. Andrey Samolinov (Homepage) wrote: Great! I really like it - the owl is a cutie)
  14. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: fantastica ed intrigante questa foto,,, complimenti
  15. Luiza (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful! You lucky guy!

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