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  1. Luis (Homepage) wrote: Clever all the way.
  2. Olivier Rault (Homepage) wrote: Excellent composition, wonderful ! My vote for you Coolphotoblogs ;)
  3. sherri (Homepage) wrote: completely cool
  4. Francesco (Homepage) wrote: ma come ca....??? bella foto, particolarissima. Ho capito che ci perderò la testa su questa!
  5. Keekee (Homepage) wrote: How did you take the picture without showing the photographer? That is amazing!
  6. Linda (Homepage) wrote: This is an amazing looking perspective. I especially love the red frame.
  7. tom (Homepage) wrote: Superb image!
  8. omar (Homepage) wrote: fantastic, great job
  9. Ricard wrote: Molt bonic el mirall
  10. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Well well, the photographer is not reflected in this special mirror! :) Very well done!
  11. CrashRyan (Homepage) wrote: it goes on for ever! it's maddening!
  12. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: semplicemente fantastico immaginarla in una situazione reale, bravissimo
  13. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Mmmm… Where was the camera positioned? Superb deliberate confusion, Paolo!
  14. Roland (Homepage) wrote: A very nice photo!
  15. Visioplanet (Homepage) wrote: Lovely composition!
  16. Linda Bradshaw (Homepage) wrote: I love pictures-in-pictures like that! This reminds me of the portrait of Stephen Colbert over his fireplace. So much fun!
  17. Stacy (Homepage) wrote: Great photo and I love the title even more!
  18. janina (Homepage) wrote: I love these sorts of pix! Well done, great humour!
  19. buntagphoto (Homepage) wrote: Very cool montage.
  20. Wolfgang (Homepage) wrote: Great idea and realisation. Like it very much!
  21. Olaf (Homepage) wrote: fascinating shot, it must be through a mirror - fisheye. Great idea!

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