Two Player Games

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  1. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: scelgo questa per farti i complimenti per i photoblogs awards 2012: bravo!
  2. janina (Homepage) wrote: Mmmm...spectacular! love it.
  3. Olivier Rault (Homepage) wrote: Une photo extraordinaire, de superbes contrastes, well done !
  4. omar (Homepage) wrote: great one and amazing scene
  5. Roland (Homepage) wrote: A perfectly composed image,good photo
  6. Wolfgang (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful landscape photo and a good blue/white-contrast.
  7. Ingo (Homepage) wrote: Great what nature is capable off... Nice winds of change
  8. Mats (Homepage) wrote: Very cool shot! I really like the blue tones.
  9. fabrizio (Homepage) wrote: impressionante il contontrasto degli elementi
  10. Françoise (Homepage) wrote: This is a really surprising and original landscape!. love this white and the contrast with ht e blue sky
  11. buntagphoto (Homepage) wrote: What's going on there? I like the mysterious scale of the image.
  12. tom (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic, how the clouds emerge from the back.
  13. Luiza (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful nature! Good capture♥
  14. CrashRyan (Homepage) wrote: wow .... exploding snow ??? snow devils?
  15. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Wow perfect angle and great contrast of the white and blue!
  16. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: A remarkable photograph with a fascinating and eye-catching, multi-layered composition.
  17. Peter Klomp (Homepage) wrote: Nice catch, very playfull!

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