a sprinkling of snow

† 26-02-2013 † 8425 views

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  1. janina (Homepage) wrote: A beautiful lithograph. On my wall!
  2. CrashRyan (Homepage) wrote: beautiful winter details .... !
  3. tom (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful winter landscape.
  4. Wolfgang (Homepage) wrote: I like the tones and this atmosphere. Wonderful work!
  5. Françoise (Homepage) wrote: Nice photo. I like how the trees are well organized in the middle of the wilderness and I love the color transformations made by the snow. they seem deeper
  6. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: This is a beautiful image with a fascinating abstract feel. The extreme landscape format is very appealing.
  7. Olivier Rault (Homepage) wrote: 's beautiful, I love the atmosphere of this picture
  8. buntagphoto (Homepage) wrote: I like the mono effect of the snow! It looks desolate.

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