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  1. sherri (Homepage) wrote: absolutely love this
  2. Stacy (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic photo Paolo! I love your title as well.
  3. tom (Homepage) wrote: Excellent! Like how the lookouts are standing out.
  4. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Haha that is just awesome! WHat a find and so very well executed.
  5. Will Williams (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful soft greens and ambient lighting.
  6. Buryan (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful shot!
  7. Wolfgang (Homepage) wrote: : ) Well seen!
  8. janina (Homepage) wrote: LOL! ;) Great capture.
  9. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: You have a great eye for the unusual in the common here. Interesting, that both flies look into the same direction.

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