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  1. stacy (Homepage) wrote: I really like your latest series of flowers and insects Paolo, well done.
  2. omar (Homepage) wrote: awesome shot, made my day
  3. Luiza (Homepage) wrote: WOOOOW! My pic of the day♥
  4. Wolfgang (Homepage) wrote: Wow, really wow! The moment, the angle, the details, the light - what a great shot!
  5. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Excellent ‘action’ shot with great timing. Light and composition are really perfect.
  6. sherri (Homepage) wrote: the light is fantastic. such perfect timing of the hovering.
  7. yvan (Homepage) wrote: wow, what a beautiful shot, bravo
  8. tom (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful clarity in this shot. Beautiful detail you captured here.
  9. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Sweet!! It actually looks like he's hopping long those flowers :) Great angle!

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