life two thousand

† 25-02-2008 † 8985 views

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  1. donnie (Homepage) wrote: stunningly beautiful
  2. Abhijit (Homepage) wrote: Superb shot! I loved it:-)
  3. Jeff (Homepage) wrote: Very nice, great lighting & composition.
  4. Daniel James (Homepage) wrote: Outstanding image. The colors really set the mood, the image is full of detail and razor sharp, and your composition is perfect. WOW.
  5. Ian Bramham (Homepage) wrote: I love the composition and light on this one.....brilliant stuff!
  6. danthro (Homepage) wrote: awesome shot. i love the detail and composition. nice light. i'm just afraid you're about to slip and fall down the side of the mountain!
  7. Ale (Homepage) wrote: Splendido paesaggio,i colori dell'erba e del cielo sono splendidi ma anche lo sfumare delle montagne sul fondo davvero apprezzabile...bravissimo!

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