paper mill

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  1. Mitchell (Homepage) wrote: This has made my day. I wish all posnigts were this good.
  2. sven (Homepage) wrote: Wow, all this nightlightcolors are amazing!
  3. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: I love night photography because of all the different color temperatures you tend to capture, plus the fact that movement is captured in abstract. This shot in particular is executed well and I don't have a problem with the noise.
  4. Henry (Homepage) wrote: What a unique and colorful shot. Great job.
  5. 50mm (Homepage) wrote: Awesome colors! Love it.
  6. George (Homepage) wrote: Very beautiful light. The image looks a bit noisy but that's what we get at night. I love the smooth smoke. Tell me, did the paper mill smell badly? There is one I pass on the way to my friends house and it stinks.
  7. john piercy (Homepage) wrote: Amazing light.. thanks for your email and comment , I will be looking through your photos . Sincerely John Piercy

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