double radiant heat

† 25-03-2008 † 8875 views

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  1. Joan Marc Carbo Arnau (Homepage) wrote: Gorgeous landscape
  2. Evgeny (Homepage) wrote: What a beautiful reflection of the sun in the calm water. Amazing nature shot!
  3. Michael Rawluk (Homepage) wrote: That is a dynamite shot. The reflected sun is amazing.
  4. tom (Homepage) wrote: Another awesome landscape shot. I like the photos on your blog. I will surely return and of course you got my vote.
  5. Jean-Marc (Homepage) wrote: Take care of your camera. Electronic don't like cold water. Nicely done.
  6. 50mm (Homepage) wrote: This is simply GORGEOUS! Beautiful framing and tones. You rock!
  7. Gi (Homepage) wrote: Paesaggio fantastico! Il riflesso sull'acqua limpida semplicemente perfetto!
  8. Daniel (Homepage) wrote: superbe... une photo de rve! a dream
  9. Bob (Homepage) wrote: Stunning images on your site. I love the sparling reflection in this image.
  10. Klaus (Homepage) wrote: Awesome, nice mirroring and the colours so great.
  11. Susan (Homepage) wrote: A gorgeous scene :)

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