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  1. Jesper (Homepage) wrote: Fabulous! I love the colours, the composition, the sharpness. Excellent!
  2. brian (Homepage) wrote: I am curious as to what settings you have or how it is possible to get the star look from light sources this this photo. Very nice!
  3. t i n o (Homepage) wrote: Aaaawesome landscape! Where is this? Did you use a filter to get such great rays (sun)?
  4. jonas (Homepage) wrote: love to see pictures like this one, where you don't have to feel the cold to see such a nice view :)
  5. christine (Homepage) wrote: Wow... that is fantastic.
  6. Tom Sheehan (Homepage) wrote: Great depth... Very dramatic. Good work. :)
  7. Andreas (Homepage) wrote: What a view! Very nice, I love the Alps...
  8. Anita Bower (Homepage) wrote: Wow!
  9. Manuela (Homepage) wrote: This is wonderful Paolo! Perfect in every aspect...
  10. derLitograph (Homepage) wrote: Very nice composition and structure.
  11. ocorti (Homepage) wrote: great graphism ! Bravo.
  12. Emil Munthe (Homepage) wrote: Really how the curves of the landscape blend with the hardness of the snow and the sun... great shot
  13. ggarfield (Homepage) wrote: Incredible sight, I love the effect of "hardness" in the snow
  14. Olivier (Homepage) wrote: Wow stupefacente foto! Ci sono veramente bellissime fotografie sul tuo blog. Grazie per la tua visita e commento
  15. Xavier Rey (Homepage) wrote: Good shot !! (thanks a lot for your visit and comment on my photoblog)
  16. tom (Homepage) wrote: Wow. This is striking. Did you do something special to avoid lens flares or did you postprocess the image? I am asking since I tried a similar shot which was so full of lens flares that the image was practically of no use.
  17. Erik (Homepage) wrote: Damn... That looks just awesome!!! Fantastic texture, details and perspektive. And that sun is just lovable...
  18. eddie (Homepage) wrote: Ripping good nature photo...congrat's!
  19. olivier (Homepage) wrote: Wow ! beautyful landscape ! I like this lighting !
  20. cako (Homepage) wrote: Another great shot of the icy world.
  21. Andres (Homepage) wrote: Thanks for your visit Paolo. I really like this wide angle image. I presume its the Italian Alps??
  22. paolo (Homepage) wrote: that's right! keen professional eye Roman !!!
  23. Gromitch (Homepage) wrote: Perfect! Good work with dynamic range!
  24. Olivier (Homepage) wrote: Wahoo ! Quel contrejour !

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