wishing a golden summer

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  1. alberto (Homepage) wrote: lovely yellows!! it takes me directly to the summer
  2. Oleg (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Nice construction and very surreal colors! Good Composition!
  3. Mark (Homepage) wrote: Great shot, fantastic colour.
  4. jonas (Homepage) wrote: Cool one ! love those colors & composition :)
  5. Oeilonirique (Homepage) wrote: It's amazing how you captured this silhouette of the walking bridge in a golden yellow atmosphere.
  6. effraie (Homepage) wrote: WHAOU! very nice composition!
  7. ronan (Homepage) wrote: surnaturel et futuriste, on se croirait dans un film de science fiction
  8. Oui-Oui (Homepage) wrote: Really toooooo much yellow in here ... but that's so good. Weldone
  9. Chris/Aperture Image (Homepage) wrote: Wow!!!
  10. Joe (Homepage) wrote: I love how this image just pops, very graphic feel to it
  11. Andreas (Homepage) wrote: Crazy colors! You visited the mars, right? ;)
  12. rogerio (Homepage) wrote: Grea!great!great!
  13. Lee (Homepage) wrote: Lovely Image! It actually reminds me of a piano
  14. Lara Wechsler (Homepage) wrote: beautiful scene
  15. Sidonie (Homepage) wrote: Thanks for the visit, P! Your work is astonishing!
  16. Saeed (Homepage) wrote: Very Nice shot
  17. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Incredible picture ! Incredible golden colours. This structure seems floating... Great shot !
  18. ocorti (Homepage) wrote: Spendid ! graphic and very simple. ocorti
  19. Christian (Homepage) wrote: wow...excellent light love the building Christian www.6701.sunpixs.com from Outback carnarvon western Australia
  20. Anne (Homepage) wrote: Great image and post processing. Love the gold monochromatic tone. Have been flipping through more of your blog and you have really superb images on here! :-)
  21. Roger (Homepage) wrote: Wow! What a stunning photo
  22. ben (Homepage) wrote: What a impact! Very effective use of space hence a great composition. This is outstanding. PS. Thanks for comment on my blog.
  23. eddie (Homepage) wrote: Exemplary capture...works on several levels...particularly minimalist/abstract
  24. m a r t a (Homepage) wrote: Surreal! I like it.
  25. Giancarlo Malandra (Homepage) wrote: Gran bella foto e ottimo uso del post-processing.
  26. cako (Homepage) wrote: This is a very interesting building. The colors and the processing are fantastic.
  27. Elad (Homepage) wrote: Excellent tones and silhouette. The strong yellows create great drama here.
  28. Beeps and Chirps (Homepage) wrote: What a unique shot! Great stuff!
  29. Giņ (Homepage) wrote: In contrasto con le tue classiche (e bellissime) foto sulle nevi, questo sembra un paesaggio infuocato, sembra di essere su Marte! Dimostri quindi di essere bravissimo sia con il ghiaccio che con il fuoco! ;)
  30. olivier (Homepage) wrote: Really beautyful! Great colors and lighting !
  31. NJ & SB Photography (Homepage) wrote: What a place. Fantastic processing
  32. NJ & SB Photography (Homepage) wrote: What a place. Fantastic processing
  33. JM@somedaysomewhere.net (Homepage) wrote: Very graphic image and amazing colors !
  34. tom (Homepage) wrote: Awesome color and composition.
  35. CushmoK (Homepage) wrote: awesome composition..

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