sulcinas creek

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  1. dewaun.simmons (Homepage) wrote: Silky smooth water. Very nice scenic shot. I like doing this but never remember to bring my tripod when near running water. Silly me.
  2. Alejandra (Homepage) wrote: Very nice!!Love the motion and the light!
  3. Tom Sheehan (Homepage) wrote: Very nice work. :)
  4. Eric (Homepage) wrote: Excellent my friend, like the smooth water ;-)
  5. Ben (Homepage) wrote: Thanks for comment, Paolo. This one is very clear and silky water looks like a velvet carpet. Excellent work!
  6. Beeps and Chirps (Homepage) wrote: Looks like fog...I like it!
  7. Pouhou (Homepage) wrote: a really nice one the filé is fantastique
  8. ROB (Homepage) wrote: It almost seems to be wetting my feet. So soft and dreamy. I could look at this all day.
  9. Anita Bower (Homepage) wrote: Lovely soft water and movement through the photo.
  10. cako (Homepage) wrote: Nice shot. The water seems to be so soft.
  11. Evgeny (Homepage) wrote: A beautiful image, the water effects are quite lovely. Well done my friend. Thank you for all of your nice comments!
  12. ocorti (Homepage) wrote: great atmosphere. technically and emotionnally very nice. well done. ocorti
  13. wtfoto (Homepage) wrote: I love how the water looks like silk. Perfect exposure and focus
  14. Elad (Homepage) wrote: A great use of long exposure. magical.
  15. Bernhard (Homepage) wrote: Hallo, thanks for your comment. You also have a amazing photos. greetings from Austria
  16. Manuela (Homepage) wrote: Excellent perspective and water motion!
  17. zeppelin (Homepage) wrote: superbe!! bravo
  18. tom (Homepage) wrote: Love the soft water. Beautiful place-
  19. Tim (Homepage) wrote: Very cool! Brilliant effect.
  20. Russ (Homepage) wrote: A beautiful place and a great image.
  21. Josef (Homepage) wrote: Great effect - Nicely done.
  22. Bob (Homepage) wrote: Lovely softness to the waterfall
  23. Volker (Homepage) wrote: Great! Like a river of fog or steam.
  24. Michael Rawluk (Homepage) wrote: It is like smoke flowing down the hill.

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