spread out clothes on the grass

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  1. Rachael (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic photo. It has the feeling of mystery, but with the soft pastel colors it's a happy mystery. :-)
  2. Oswegan (Homepage) wrote: I love all of the bright colors in motion.
  3. ronan (Homepage) wrote: très belle image aussi, j'aime beaucoup l'idée et le résultat obtenu. je crois que je vais essayer d'en faire autant ...
  4. Thierry Leroy (Homepage) wrote: Très bel effet ici et en général beaucoup de belles photos sur votre photoblog. Very nice effect here and in general a lot of beautiful photos on your photoblog (Google translation)
  5. Joachim (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful idea. I like it.
  6. eddie (Homepage) wrote: Imaginative treatment...very creative.. good show!
  7. lorence wrote: very good!!!this is the future whit the old, encredible.
  8. petitlouis (Homepage) wrote: Amazing treatment, good job ! Many thanks for your vote ;-)
  9. lightdot (Homepage) wrote: Great color and time play.
  10. electrician wrote: complimenti questa foto è veramente gagliarda, il gioco di colori fà sembrare la costruzione metafisica.buono.
  11. Natalie | everyday-wonders.com (Homepage) wrote: great idea :) although for some reason it does not feel like there is enough space at the top of the image...
  12. Gromitch (Homepage) wrote: Nice idea!!!
  13. Andres (Homepage) wrote: Very nice image of movement.
  14. riika (Homepage) wrote: The focusing is extra ordinary, I like it very much!
  15. Beeps and Chirps (Homepage) wrote: Great eye and idea!
  16. tom (Homepage) wrote: Looks like a waterfall of clothes.

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