finally bowed down

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  1. Makendra (Homepage) wrote: YMMD with that asnewr! TX
  2. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Mi piace moltissimo l'interpretazione che dai dei paesaggi boschivi...complimenti!
  3. Joe (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful image! Not sure if it's a long exposure on a windy day, or if you did this post-production. The end result is outstanding though - gives me some ideas for my next trip to the woods.
  4. PM (Homepage) wrote: It is a surealist picture. The tones and the process are really stunning. Bravo
  5. pedro alexandre (Homepage) wrote: wonderfull shot and treatment.
  6. ocorti (Homepage) wrote: Superb ! unique technic, very nice. ocorti
  7. Betsy Barron (Homepage) wrote: Extremely Freaky-Good!
  8. Andres (Homepage) wrote: Cool image. What effects did you use? Very nice.
  9. ronan (Homepage) wrote: Woww !!! Complètement fou celle-ci. très onirique, surréaliste.
  10. Mike (Homepage) wrote: Very creative! A really interesting idea.
  11. Giò (Homepage) wrote: Questo effetto rende il bosco favolosamente magico!!!
  12. brita lomba (Homepage) wrote: lovely forest that sings with life.
  13. Karl (Homepage) wrote: wohow, I get dizzy looking at this picture interesting and funny, I like it :)
  14. Ian Bramham (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic processing....what a memorable and beautiful image!
  15. Debbie Hartmann (Homepage) wrote: This photo is cool as heck!! Extremely original and fun to look at!
  16. Tom Sheehan (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful Paolo. It's like another world.
  17. susan (Homepage) wrote: Very creative :)
  18. Chris/Aperture Image (Homepage) wrote: Instant wowwwwwwww....
  19. Mike (Homepage) wrote: Such a cool idea and perfectly executed. Cool take on a nature shot.
  20. Chris (Homepage) wrote: Wow, i'm very impressed, this is s really good set of pictures! I wish i had the same talent like you ;-)
  21. Nacho Carrears (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Una imagen fantástica. Saludos.
  22. martineb (Homepage) wrote: Really impressive shot!!
  23. Alejandra (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful picture Paolo! A magic shot!
  24. sAD (Homepage) wrote: Foto stupende. Ritorno sempre volentieri.
  25. Richard (Homepage) wrote: Wow. Very surreal. A great shot.
  26. Oswegan (Homepage) wrote: Fabulous image.
  27. riika (Homepage) wrote: Oh, exiting, mysterious, gorgeus! I really like the postprocessing in this one, I've never seen anything like this before!
  28. Alison Cornford-Matheson (Homepage) wrote: Lovely effect with a very dream-like result!
  29. Bob (Homepage) wrote: Really super! Takes the image of a forest to a new level!
  30. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Paolo the magician has just turned for you some trees into a plastic curtain... Impressive treatment. Exactly what I am not able to do... Congrats
  31. Michael Rawluk (Homepage) wrote: Very nicely done and original.
  32. santiago begueria (Homepage) wrote: wow! if you did that without PS I wanna know how.
  33. santiago begueria (Homepage) wrote: you have a very interesting collection of landscape photography. I'll keep visiting. thanks for your comment!
  34. tom (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic. To be honest, I don't know what I am looking at.

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