mist shrouded

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  1. nicole (Homepage) wrote: like a poem. great pic.
  2. giovanni (Homepage) wrote: really great shot!
  3. Max (Homepage) wrote: What a wonderful shot. I love it!
  4. Erik (Homepage) wrote: Nice effect! Heavily treated in PS, I think...
  5. Jim (365,000 words) (Homepage) wrote: The wide angle adds a seriously surreal feel to this picture.
  6. Ian Bramham (Homepage) wrote: Really beautiful!
  7. brian (Homepage) wrote: I have ALWAYS, wanted to take a photo like this except with bamboo. Nice capture.
  8. XtoF (Homepage) wrote: I really like the mood on this one !
  9. Susan (Homepage) wrote: Love the perspective of this shot-very etherial feel to this. Lovely shot!
  10. sophie (Homepage) wrote: NIce mood. I like how managed to keep the ground sharp while the trees are pulled to the top, giving it an abstract touch.
  11. eddie (Homepage) wrote: terrific capture...the fog is gauze like...and sheeting at the same time elemental and elegant congrat's
  12. Marco Marques (Homepage) wrote: Thanks for your comment. Love your pics...
  13. Markus (Homepage) wrote: Amazing!
  14. Ana Lúcia (Homepage) wrote: Superb foggy scene you caught here, well done!
  15. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful!!! More like a painting than a photograph. Stunning..ethereal quality.
  16. NJ & SB Photography (Homepage) wrote: genial atmósfera misteriosa!!!
  17. Alejandra (Homepage) wrote: A magic shot! a ghost forest! really beautiful!!
  18. Tom Sheehan (Homepage) wrote: This image is a work of art. Very nicely done. I really like the subdued tones this image.
  19. tom (Homepage) wrote: Mysterious atmosphere.
  20. ronan (Homepage) wrote: Toujours cette magie forestière. Il y a vraiment une ambiance mystérieuse dans ces photos de sous-bois.
  21. jonas (Homepage) wrote: Another wonderfull photo... how do you do that ? seems like a horror movie ;)
  22. Giò (Homepage) wrote: Atmosfera magica, bravo come sempre nell'aver saputo coglierla!
  23. Stefan Thaler (Homepage) wrote: Wow, beautiful image, just great!
  24. michel (Homepage) wrote: I can just say Woawwww and thanks to come to my blog with so much positive comments. Your pictures are really stylish
  25. El jefe (Homepage) wrote: Great work in this one. Well done
  26. sangram (Homepage) wrote: so peaceful. beautiful photo.
  27. Cyril (Homepage) wrote: Wow, just beautiful!
  28. peter (Homepage) wrote: very nice, atmospheric photo..
  29. Philippe (Homepage) wrote: Magnifique, it's wonderful, good job !
  30. Michael Rawluk (Homepage) wrote: An exquisite shot of a magical moment.
  31. Valérie (Homepage) wrote: What a wonderful picture! Une ambiance magique, un paysage enchanté...c'est vraiment sublime!

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