converging parallels

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  1. Peter (Homepage) wrote: The exposure and colors are fantastic. This composition is very common but your take makes it very interesting.
  2. brian (Homepage) wrote: This photo is just beautiful!
  3. XtoF (Homepage) wrote: Wow ! I really like the lines and all that "softness". Like some sort of crazy dream.
  4. Olivier (Homepage) wrote: Superbe perspective, magnifique matière. Bravo !
  5. William (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful picture,like the smoothness of it!
  6. Dan (Homepage) wrote: Just excellent, great long capture, with perfect symetry. Well done.
  7. Giò (Homepage) wrote: Io davvero rimango sempre a bocca aperta davanti alle tue foto! Stupenda!!!
  8. Tori (Homepage) wrote: Wow, love the textures, so soft on the eye, very dream like.
  9. le corbeau (Homepage) wrote: Thanks for your comment on our blog...I saw your's, and I think that is also a good job
  10. Sven (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful image. Great scene and colours.
  11. AC (Homepage) wrote: Great angle and inverted "V". I also like the way the sky on the left is blue and that on the right is gold.
  12. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Love this!!! The colors..the light..the vanishing point all come together perfectly.
  13. kerlu (Homepage) wrote: yeah, very nice pic ! I like the smooth textures and tones. And the perspective is very nice :) Well done !
  14. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Nice simple picture with not too much details. Simple is beautiful !
  15. Nacho Carreras (Homepage) wrote: Una foto maravillosa. Saludos.
  16. pm (Homepage) wrote: it is an amazing seascape. very well done bravo
  17. Alejandra (Homepage) wrote: I like the warm light and the shadows. Very nice mood! Love it!
  18. gallcat (Homepage) wrote: Great!! It is wonderful, highest in the sea photograph that I have seen up to now.
  19. Michael Rawluk (Homepage) wrote: A beautiful shot. The colours and the subtle tones are great.
  20. El Jefe (Homepage) wrote: No words, just WOWW!!! Amazing shot! :)
  21. Stephen Phillips (Homepage) wrote: This is a stellar image - ethereal. I'm at a near loss for words.
  22. tom (Homepage) wrote: Love the warm light and tones.

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