dead tired

† 10-08-2008 † 8745 views

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  1. janina (Homepage) wrote: Like, this is what you saw when you took some, umm, life enhancing drugs....I like it! :O)
  2. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: Weired forest from a interesting pp. Nice work.
  3. Valérie (Homepage) wrote: Superb! Un cliché à la fois mystérieux, enchanté et envoûtant... Un beau rendu!
  4. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Terrific ! Now I have a picture to support my thoughts when I think about the infinite ....
  5. tom (Homepage) wrote: Looks like a painting.
  6. Ryan Chappell (Homepage) wrote: Lovely I especially love the canvas layer that looks like the photo was printed on canvas paper. I love the way the trees blur into one another at the tops. Lovely capture.
  7. Al (Homepage) wrote: Terrific post processing Paolo! I would assume that you used a special filter for the top half the image to give it that "canvas" effect?
  8. kml (Homepage) wrote: What a neat affect you did with this image! Excellent work!
  9. sherri (Homepage) wrote: Your title describes how I feel right now:-) I like this capture. It provokes the imagination.
  10. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Ottima composizione con la diagonale coperta dalla linea degli alberi e molto interessante anche l'elaborazione. Complimenti
  11. rak357 (Homepage) wrote: Nice shot!!
  12. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Stunning effect! Like a mirage in the middle of the forest. Beautiful!!!

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