Easy Rider

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  1. Jared (Homepage) wrote: nice pan! the rider is quite the character as well...
  2. sven (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful picture, well donde!!!
  3. NJ & SB Photography (Homepage) wrote: un barrido buenissimo!! genial!
  4. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Excellent how you captured the speed! Very cool image!
  5. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Sleek! Excellent work.
  6. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: Great motion and a perfect colour collection.
  7. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: fantastic action shot!!! i can seee the motion, but the subject is sharp as a tack, just great!
  8. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Perfect Panning shot! Well done.
  9. ronan (Homepage) wrote: I don't recognize the driver because of the Helmet. This is Dennis Hopper or Peter Fonda ? Nice capture
  10. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Love the simplicity and how you've captured motion. Excellent image!
  11. sherri (Homepage) wrote: I'd like to have one of these for local trips. Probably not a good idea:-) Love your capture. You look high in the air.
  12. Rachael (Homepage) wrote: What a beautiful array of color in this photo. :-)
  13. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Beutiful colouring and composition!
  14. cako (Homepage) wrote: Great motion blur. Cool !
  15. Stunner (Homepage) wrote: Perfect panning!
  16. Gromitch (Homepage) wrote: Nice background blur!

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