dangling light bulb

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  1. Jabon (Homepage) wrote: very nice photo, awesome picture
  2. Hervé (Homepage) wrote: Magnifique!! Très belle photo Amicalement
  3. Mads Eneqvist (Homepage) wrote: Hi Paolo, Extreme hdr work, good work. Regards
  4. kc (Homepage) wrote: very nicely composed.
  5. Perry (Homepage) wrote: Skillfully done! Congrats!
  6. Marie (Homepage) wrote: couleurs et composition magnifiques !
  7. conflagratio (Homepage) wrote: Fantástico HDR, muy bien conseguido, me gusta particularmente el tono dorado que todo lo enjoya sin estridencias. Saludos!
  8. cako (Homepage) wrote: Wow ... this is a beautiful church and a great photo. Impressive lights and processing.
  9. Turnbill (Homepage) wrote: Beautifully shot and processed - took me a moment to spot the bulb! Love to see a larger version of this photo.
  10. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: Great wideangle HDR, Cologne?
  11. LGB (Homepage) wrote: Amazing detail, colors and composition. Superb picture!
  12. Ovidiu (Homepage) wrote: What a combination of colors! Almost like a painting. Outstanding!
  13. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Haha ! I want to visit this church at soonest ! Is it in Italy, is it a long trip to go?? Or does the trip begins with a white rail??
  14. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: WOW! Don't know - exactly - what to say. This is amazing. Love all the 'effects'!!!
  15. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: bell'esempio di foto a là Escher
  16. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: The details and sense of scale are spectacular.
  17. Rachael (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic colors. It shimmers. :-)
  18. Natalie | everyday-wonders.com (Homepage) wrote: gorgeous... great composition and the colors are stunning ..
  19. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: wow, what an amazing image!! looks like the church is shining with Jesus' love :)
  20. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Wow this is So good!! Off the hook :) I;m jealous! :)
  21. beanow (Homepage) wrote: With impression hardly I can whisper: miraculous!

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