Il Metallo

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  1. bolley (Homepage) wrote: VERY nice shot! Like the enlightened grass and the black background of the tree at the same time!
  2. ronan (Homepage) wrote: it is very original, I like the posture of the tree and the black background
  3. Timothy West (Homepage) wrote: thats so cool hows the land is tilting yet the tree looks right..
  4. claire (Homepage) wrote: stunning in its simplicity. wow.
  5. Olivier (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful. I love it.
  6. Vincenz (Homepage) wrote: Nice angle and somehow mystical with the black sky!
  7. ignacio guerra (Homepage) wrote: i really like this picture! regards!
  8. Luisa (Homepage) wrote: You also isolated the tree gorgeously!!! And the slope in diagonal adds a special touch. Congratulations.
  9. Miguel Hau (Homepage) wrote: I love this tree. Great contrast.
  10. Asgardr (Homepage) wrote: Simple treatment great effect!
  11. Omar (Homepage) wrote: Wow, great composition, the contrast ist beautiful.
  12. Olivier (Homepage) wrote: Bel effet de contraste et de diagonale.
  13. Kyrre Lien (Homepage) wrote: Great shot! Love the colours and simplisity of the image. Best regards, Kyrre
  14. Rachael (Homepage) wrote: I'm certain I left you a comment yesterday saying how stunning this photo is, but I can say it the second time. :-)
  15. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: I don't know how you do it but every visit to your site is a treat! Another winner!
  16. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: The angle definitely has transformed this into a great composition. Excellent colors and tones that contrast very well with the dark background. Very well done.
  17. LGB (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Great capture. Love the tones and the background
  18. petitlouis (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful treatment, fine image !
  19. Tom (Homepage) wrote: The background's a bit dark for my taste but I love the composition.
  20. Al (Homepage) wrote: Nice perspective!
  21. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: wow, what an astonishing photograph! i love the angle lol and the black is so impossible! just great!!!!!
  22. grant (Homepage) wrote: striking photo. the black sky is surreal.
  23. conflagratio (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful scene! wonderful angle! nice
  24. JJ (Homepage) wrote: love the angle on this, the golden shades of the foreground and the way the tree contrasts with the dark background, beautiful work
  25. ocorti (Homepage) wrote: very nice ! I just love it. Light is perfect and the subject is renderred eperfectly in its simplicity.
  26. Claus Petersen (Homepage) wrote: Superb isolation of the subject, and beautiful work on the colors!
  27. beanow (Homepage) wrote: What splendid picture! They blacken the idea of slit frame on half - super! Good work!
  28. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: A very interesting photo. The dark sky is so intriguing with the brightly lit tree and landscape. Interesting angle too.
  29. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: Bellissimi la luce e i colori. Il fondo scuro mette in risalto l'albero. Molto bella anche l'inquadratura.
  30. Polydactyle (Homepage) wrote: Wow! I like it a lot. The colors, the light, the background and frame. Bravo!
  31. sherri (Homepage) wrote: What a beautiful little tree. Love the tilt. Love the colors.
  32. Phototherapy (Homepage) wrote: I like it! Interesting angle. The tree is so poetic and the black background very efficient. SwissCharles

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