stretch out

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  1. pippone (Homepage) wrote: one of these rare stunning flower photos! just impresseive!
  2. P:DEeK (Homepage) wrote: look like piece of art. very nice.
  3. cristina (Homepage) wrote: wonderful image!!!!
  4. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: Nice, ethereal image. Subdued, soft, and vague in a very good way.
  5. Vink (Homepage) wrote: Je l'avais loupé celle lŕ ! Elle est prodigieuse !
  6. Giň (Homepage) wrote: Adoro il fatto che tu abbia messo a fuoco i pistilli del fiore...anche il taglio č perfetto, mai banale!
  7. Rich (Homepage) wrote: This is amazing. The points of focus and colours are so interesting.
  8. Cerstin (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful the details in this small "cosmos".
  9. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: Bellissima macro, con un utilizzo "onirico" della profonditŕ di campo
  10. AbsolutelyN (Homepage) wrote: wow, absolutely beautiful. I love the subtle colours, good work.
  11. tino (Homepage) wrote: yeah! finally an inventive macro shot! i'm tired of all the conventional macro stuff... cool.
  12. Marie (Homepage) wrote: c'est trčs beau ! superbe rendu.
  13. Al (Homepage) wrote: Nice macro shot. Outstanding. I want to say the spores (I think thats what they are? Pardon if that is the incorrect term) are somewhat 3 dimensional.
  14. emillamola (Homepage) wrote: Un macro fantástico. Una imagen suave y a la vez con mucha fuerza. Me encanta la composición. Felicidades por tu bueno y veterano fotoblog. (ojo con el code, no se ve bien y he tenido que repetir todo).
  15. Phototherapy (Homepage) wrote: Hi Paolo, Just wondeful! This image will go far :) Well done to you, keep going! SwissCharles
  16. cako (Homepage) wrote: Excellent dof ... looks very abstract.
  17. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Breathtaking. This is really spectacular.
  18. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Wow, .. great depth of field. And very sharp.
  19. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Fenomenaly macro... Bravo!
  20. g (Homepage) wrote: a truly unique flower macro!
  21. Rachael (Homepage) wrote: It has the appearance of floating in water. Stunning photograph!
  22. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Mmmmm...absolutely stunning! Don't know how you get these effects..but they are truly wonderful. Love everything about this.
  23. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: this is soooo beautiful, i'm astounded really! the focus looks so unreal, do you have some kind of focus blur tool? it's just fabulous!!
  24. conflagratio (Homepage) wrote: Excelente trabajo, una mezcla de detalle y limpieza muy bello.
  25. john (Homepage) wrote: Great flow, movement and composition.
  26. LGB (Homepage) wrote: Excellent macro. Love it!
  27. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: Bellissima!! sono senza parole!
  28. sherri (Homepage) wrote: Absolutely gorgeous. This is one of the most incredible flower images I ever seen. I love the colors, tones, shadows, and sense of movement.
  29. Zing (Homepage) wrote: Awesome macro, nice composition!

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