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  1. Cliff (Homepage) wrote: Stunning picture. I love the colours.
  2. JJ (Homepage) wrote: wow thats a super close in macro and the colors and detail of what I guess is a flower are superb and the insect coming out of it is amazing, brilliant work
  3. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful!!!
  4. Terry H. (Homepage) wrote: Weird and wonderful. Great shot!
  5. jo (Homepage) wrote: Soft colours and blur in yellow, then this funny looking creature ruptures through it all. Makes a great contrast.
  6. Miro at (Homepage) wrote: Very interesting macro based abstraction, I like short DOF
  7. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Man! What aperture did you use here?? This is amazing!
  8. Marie (Homepage) wrote: magnifique !
  9. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Impressive image, love the colors and tones. Excellent job processing and composing this one.
  10. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Like a dream.... Love the soft colors and details. WOW!
  11. Al (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful combination of colors. Nice differentiation between the foreground and background!
  12. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: Una composizione incredibile! Colori e forme di un altro pianeta! Complimenti!
  13. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: what sort of micro biology is this?? looks like you have a microscope for a lens lol... love it!
  14. Phototherapy (Homepage) wrote: I admire... The bomber is pretty sharp indeed, it's a nice dark spot to dynamise the composition and create movement. Wonderful macro view SwissCharles
  15. conflagratio (Homepage) wrote: Excellent and dellicate close up, very well done. Regards
  16. mauri (Homepage) wrote: --complimenti!!!tutte belle,ho gradito specialmente quelle con la neve...mauri
  17. Rachael (Homepage) wrote: Stunning abstract.
  18. Xavier (Homepage) wrote: Almost abstract! Great. I agree with everyone that the details and color are amazing. This one and the previous post can be the beginning of a great series.
  19. Craig (Homepage) wrote: Really an amazing capture and the colours are just great!
  20. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: The details are amazing. So pretty.
  21. Angelique (Homepage) wrote: omg... you are amazing! Beautiful colors and details.
  22. Turnbill (Homepage) wrote: Neat shot - though I can't quite tell what it is. A fly on a flower?
  23. Zing (Homepage) wrote: Amazing macro, excellent colours and dof!
  24. grant (Homepage) wrote: a maverick, really? lots of them buzzing around lately. stunning photo!
  25. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Exquisite in terms of colour and the composition of the image!

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