on the edge

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  1. aadesanya (Homepage) wrote: I love the colors: lovely
  2. ronan (Homepage) wrote: so done well here. Colors are excellent
  3. ocorti (Homepage) wrote: very nice. Exposurre, focus and subject.... well done. I also like the colors.
  4. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Magnificent macro shot.
  5. Cerstin (Homepage) wrote: Oh, soo wonderful - magnificamente macro.
  6. cako (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful snail photo ... fantastic colors and lighting.
  7. Mindy (Homepage) wrote: Gorgeous. Perfectly framed. Divine colors.
  8. Vincenz (Homepage) wrote: That's a really cool macro. I like it!
  9. Martin (Homepage) wrote: Nice detail, colors, curves, for me perfect!
  10. Giò (Homepage) wrote: Eh si, confermo che sei un mago anche nella fotografia macro!
  11. Ian (Homepage) wrote: The purple/lilac colours are really quite wonderful. Lovely image.
  12. Susan (Homepage) wrote: Amazing shot...the clarity, colors, and tones are incredible!
  13. Bernhard (Homepage) wrote: Great sharpness and colors with a great composition. Greetings from Austria
  14. krims@nline.be (Homepage) wrote: Super! Nice colors, great detail ...
  15. David H-W (Homepage) wrote: Superb shot! Love the detail and the violet tone of the shot. Well done - one of your best pieces of work!
  16. Niels (Homepage) wrote: Wow, great. Love the colors and the compo.
  17. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Really majestic! Like he's walking on velvet :) Great clarity!
  18. Florence (Homepage) wrote: I'm really impressed by the quality of your work. There's a huge collection of utterly magnifiscent pictures in your portfolio. Wow !
  19. Olivier (Homepage) wrote: Baveux à souhait ;-) très belle image et magnifique traitement.
  20. LGB (Homepage) wrote: This is amazing! No words, just love it!
  21. Marie (Homepage) wrote: superbe compo, avec de bien belles couleurs.
  22. Beat (Homepage) wrote: beautyfull makro and colors too! Congratulations!
  23. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Wow, ... nothing more to say :))
  24. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: Love the purple. Snails kind of creep me out, though, haha. Good shot.
  25. conflagratio (Homepage) wrote: Simplemente Genial
  26. Rachael (Homepage) wrote: The minute details & colors are stunning. I so love the purple in this photograph.
  27. birce (Homepage) wrote: perfect colors and macro well done
  28. Craig (Homepage) wrote: Great macro shot and the colours are amazing!
  29. Marco Marques (Homepage) wrote: Thanks for your comment. What a beautiful image you have here...
  30. BoB (Homepage) wrote: Splendido accostamento cromatico, fantastica foto.
  31. Xavier Rey (Homepage) wrote: beautiful colors and shot !
  32. jotabe (Homepage) wrote: Amazing colors ! Great macro shot ;D
  33. grant (Homepage) wrote: hard to believe such a strange thing actually exists on this earth. beautifully photographed!
  34. Alice (Homepage) wrote: Very nice. Great detail, colors and composition. Nicely done.
  35. JJ (Homepage) wrote: WOW what an amazing macro, the fine detail is superb, and the colors, love it
  36. Zing (Homepage) wrote: Wow, amazing details and colours, great shot!
  37. sherri (Homepage) wrote: I'm in awe. It's quite beautiful and your capture is amazing.
  38. Katrin (Homepage) wrote: Wow an awesome macro shot. What is it the snail is sitting on, some kind of mushroom?
  39. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Stunning macro. Awesome and incredible color..texture..detail. WOW..WOW...WOW!
  40. Andres (Homepage) wrote: Amazing image. Beautiful colours.
  41. ceanothe (Homepage) wrote: Magnifique, vous êtes un grand photographe !
  42. Turnbill (Homepage) wrote: Wow - beautiful image. The colors are striking.
  43. lasiate (Homepage) wrote: La couleur pourpre en contraste avec la coque nacrée est d'une grande élégance et les dessins de la coquille et de la plante s'harmonisent. C'est vraiment très beau
  44. dewaun.simmons (Homepage) wrote: Wow, what a gorgeous palette of colors here. A purple mushroom, a black snail and a tan/brown/white shell... Great!!!
  45. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Super colours, frame and exquisite invoices... Great shot!
  46. Phototherapy (Homepage) wrote: The purple color is awesome for contrasting with the white shell. Stunning macro with agreat light control. SwissCharles
  47. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: This is ASTOUNDING! So beautifully done. The detail is really amazing.
  48. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: i'm speechless how beautiful this is..
  49. Pere Chuliá (Homepage) wrote: Preciosa imagen y genial composición. El nivel de detalle es impresionante y las tonalidades de color son delicadas y elegantes. Gran imagen. Bellisima. Saludos.
  50. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: Fantastica!! Bellissimi i toni violacei e la composizione dell'immagine. Bravissimo!

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