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  1. Kevin (Homepage) wrote: This is such a fun photo! I love the three dimensionality of it and the vibrant yellows!
  2. Nataly Rader (Homepage) wrote: I really like your macro abstracts. They are so vivid and well composed!
  3. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Heh. I had to think about it to get the 'fizzy' reference. :-)
  4. pooria (Homepage) wrote: This is so lovely
  5. Kevin (Homepage) wrote: Mushrooms! Great shot... beautiful colour and contrast.
  6. Katrin (Homepage) wrote: Paolo, another awesome macro shot of yours. I am not really sure, what it is but these little yellow dots and their arbitrary pattern look really beautiful ... a bit like yellow bubbles or marbles.
  7. Jared (Homepage) wrote: great colours! nice shot
  8. Richard (Homepage) wrote: Amazing picture : the outside world lays deep in our gardens ! Well done.
  9. 19 Seconds Of Spring (Homepage) wrote: Impressive capture... Michael
  10. Mindy (Homepage) wrote: Not sure what this is, but it's really playfully pleasing. Love the yellow against dark background.
  11. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: This is alive with color! Very cool image!
  12. David H-W (Homepage) wrote: Fabulous shot - love the strong colour contrast and lighting! Well done!
  13. Siam (Homepage) wrote: very nice, in his realization very good job, yellow colour very light
  14. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: Very cool. Looks a lot like yellow blood cells. Clever, and nicely executed.
  15. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: Brilliant macro. I hope they tastet well;-)
  16. Saxi (Homepage) wrote: lovely mushrooms - love the color and the point of view here!
  17. Susan (Homepage) wrote: Very intriguing the title as well!
  18. Ian (Homepage) wrote: 'Fizzy' :)...Nice title for this one. Such a happy picture for such an unfriendly-looking subject :) I'm guessing: keep out of the ocean.
  19. Pedro (Homepage) wrote: Interesting abstract shot. I like the yellow tones overall. Good job.
  20. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Wow very cool colors. I have no idea what these yellow things are but its a cool photo.
  21. grant (Homepage) wrote: strange, strangely beautiful photo
  22. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: They look like suction cups on glass??? Brightly colored mushrooms??? Who knows for sure, but they’re neat! Nice shot!
  23. JJ (Homepage) wrote: so colorful, intrigued as to what they are, are they very small fungi or mushroom like things, wonderfully eye catching
  24. FLOOG (Homepage) wrote: What an amazing image, like lemon mushrooms. Fabulous
  25. Angelique (Homepage) wrote: You see the world in such a beautiful way. This is gorgeous!
  26. beat (Homepage) wrote: always impressive, what natur can do. well captured.
  27. Olivier (Homepage) wrote: On dirait des bulles de chewing-gum ...
  28. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: yellow bubbles, i'm taking it you didn't find that in nature lol great picture!!
  29. Florence (Homepage) wrote: These tiny and colourful mushrooms are incredible... it makes a lovely abstract painting... a 70's painting... it make me think of those amazing lamps... in the 70's... with liquid and bubbles inside... :-)
  30. Liang (Homepage) wrote: Looks like original molecules bubbling out! Very nice shot, so organic! =D
  31. sherri (Homepage) wrote: I can tell it's something that's growing, but some of them look like lemon drops at first glance. Neat capture.
  32. Philip (Homepage) wrote: Wow ! such beautiful colours what are they ? what ever they are it makes a great photo
  33. Giò (Homepage) wrote: Sono funghi? Bellissimi!!! Com'è strana, ed affascinante, la natura... soprattutto la più nascosta!
  34. (Homepage) wrote: Colorful and strange. Almost abstract. Are they on rocks or am i mistaken?

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