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  1. Katrin (Homepage) wrote: Cool shot! But what is it? Looks like some kind of fabric?!
  2. Cerstin (Homepage) wrote: A wonderful idea and a great "painting" (would be fantastic in very very big on the wall).
  3. chiara (Homepage) wrote: I love the tones and the canvas effect.
  4. martineb (Homepage) wrote: Excellent idea!! very beautiful effect!! I like it a lot!
  5. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Non amo molto le elaborazioni profonde ma, inutile dire che nel caso dei tuoi lavori denotano creatività...una visita al tuo photoblog è sempre un piacere.
  6. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Interesting composition, like the vertical lines and tones. The lighting really enhances the effect on this image, great job.
  7. cako (Homepage) wrote: Interesting patterns and a perfect title.
  8. LGB (Homepage) wrote: What a nice composition. Great picture!
  9. Siam (Homepage) wrote: amazing but so much imagine
  10. Bernhard (Homepage) wrote: Wow, great abstract shot. i like it. What was that?
  11. AC (Homepage) wrote: Very creative snap. Nicely seen and well executed.
  12. Miro at (Homepage) wrote: I like colors and geometrical rhythm, you mine quite big impact from minimalistic theme
  13. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: WOW! Absolutely stunning abstract. WOW!
  14. (Homepage) wrote: Very artistic. Looks painted.
  15. Marie (Homepage) wrote: excellent rendu ! j'aime beaucoup !
  16. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Wow I love the colors, textures, and patterns here.
  17. Florence (Homepage) wrote: Don't know what it is but it's a great abstract with lovely muted tones !
  18. Beat (Homepage) wrote: very interesting . Is (was) this a curtain?
  19. beanow (Homepage) wrote: The beautiful, elegant and interesting image!
  20. grant (Homepage) wrote: very interesting photo, great light.
  21. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Cool abstract shot with a lovely range of colours.
  22. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: Hey, Paolo. Great shot. It reminds me of my "Metal Abstract", but honestly I like yours better. Great work.
  23. sherri (Homepage) wrote: Ah, yes, I can see that...neat capture.
  24. jo (Homepage) wrote: The canvas texture really threw me, seems like a painting, with brushstrokes even. Subtle and scrummy!
  25. Zing (Homepage) wrote: Nice patterns, colours and light.
  26. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: very pleasing colors, i would like to have curtains like that, not to assume that they are curtains, but i would like to
  27. Nacho Carrears (Homepage) wrote: Preciosos colores y texturas Saludos.
  28. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Fina abstract. A curtain ?
  29. Dhini (Homepage) wrote: That is nice bar code colour
  30. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Nice lines in this. A cool pattern.
  31. JJ (Homepage) wrote: interesting abstract, wonderful lines colors and textures, is it a curtain

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