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  1. Jack Fussell (Homepage) wrote: Great the combination of DOF and texture.
  2. Angelique (Homepage) wrote: omg... I love moss and this is just perfect! Love the soft colors and the soft texture really adds a nice effect. Good work :)
  3. gavin hart (Homepage) wrote: Great processing, beautiful result. The texture, blur, hues, dof and composition all excellent.
  4. Miro at (Homepage) wrote: I like your "vertically blurred lineas" series, this one is may be the best one.
  5. Marie (Homepage) wrote: magnifique rendu.
  6. claire (Homepage) wrote: love your title. :p love your painting-like processing too. really cool. :)
  7. angie (Homepage) wrote: the canvas-texture is amazing. really lovely composition as well.
  8. Natalie | (Homepage) wrote: love the image.. the texture adds a nice touch to it.. :)
  9. grant (Homepage) wrote: i love a photo emerging out of a watercolor
  10. Cerstin (Homepage) wrote: A superb painting, looks like a little watercolor - great on canvas. Wonderful !
  11. FLOOG (Homepage) wrote: So beautifully processed and presented. A piece of fine art work
  12. NJ & SB Photography (Homepage) wrote: Has creado un tapiz muy bello, buen trabajo con el campo de enfoque y bellos resultados con la textura aplicaca!!
  13. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Great effect you gave this! Stunningly bright colors! Well done :)
  14. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: This is just so very beautiful.
  15. sherri (Homepage) wrote: I love the colors and patterns in this capture.
  16. vera (Homepage) wrote: very interesting blog, wide angle, effects, easthetic as this one owing to your post processing! the best one of your 3 last snaps
  17. lasiate (Homepage) wrote: une magnifique simplicité et le papier texturé renforce la beauté de l'image
  18. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: excellent image - great blur effect and colors
  19. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Stunning and creative image. The colors and tones are beautiful. Really a great job on this image.
  20. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Exquisite colours, the perfect processing of the picture. Very interesting - as paint oils...
  21. Florence (Homepage) wrote: Terrific macro Paolo of very tiny flowers ! That's impressive, beautiful and totally eye-catching. Bravissimo ! :-)
  22. NANNE (Homepage) wrote: I like to see your nice photo! NANNE from FRIESLAND
  23. cashondeo (Homepage) wrote: Magnifica textura la qur has aplicado en la foto, le da un toque diferente a la captura!
  24. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: Very odd looking and quite beautiful. Looks like a watercolor at the bottom.
  25. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: wonderful execution, zing takes photos like this and i'm sooo jealous!
  26. Ian Francisco (Homepage) wrote: The texture in this image reaches out to me, like I want to touch it. It's amazing that I am led to look at the blur!
  27. JJ (Homepage) wrote: love the colors in this a wonderful abstract looks like a classic old school painting
  28. Zing (Homepage) wrote: Interesting shot, nice dof.
  29. mbecher (Homepage) wrote: Looks like a cress army. Here I like the blur at the bottom.
  30. (Homepage) wrote: Excellent camera painting!!!!
  31. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: A nice DoF, and a clever blur : a great macro. Cheers.
  32. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: Bellissima foto, come sempre! Molto interessant la texture che hai usato.
  33. Fiona (Homepage) wrote: That's very nice. I like it.
  34. AC (Homepage) wrote: It seems to be a plant party! Very well executed snap - love the bokeh.

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