shades of red

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  1. Cheyanne (Homepage) wrote: That’s ralley shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.
  2. tom (Homepage) wrote: Wow. This is so beautiful.The bug separates well from the dark background while it is framed by red. Superb!!!
  3. Katrin (Homepage) wrote: Stunning, I can even see little drops on the ladybug's back!
  4. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Impressionante ! Bellissima ! Chje gioco con colori rossi e arancione ! Da allargare e mettere sulla parete !
  5. Vink (Homepage) wrote: You ar an artist ! Simply perfect !
  6. blauwgestreept (Homepage) wrote: Very nice macro shot! Like the red
  7. Claudia (AlshainBlu) (Homepage) wrote: Ciao Paolo, grazie per essere passato a trovarmi ed aver apprezzato i miei piccoli lavori.Il tuo photoblog splendido! Questa foto mi piace particolarmente: i colori catturano lo sguardo ed i dettagli sono ben definiti, complimenti davvero! Spero tornerai a trovarmi ^_^
  8. dj.tigersprout (Homepage) wrote: wow!! splendid shot -- brilliant color!!! happy holidays to you!!
  9. Ylloh (Homepage) wrote: wonderful and colorful image :)
  10. Bernhard (Homepage) wrote: Wow, the last three pictures of your blog a realy great, but this one is the best. great sharpness and i like the dark red background and the "orange" beetle. Your title is perfect for this image. Greetings from Austria
  11. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: The focus here is spot on! What a cool capture!
  12. 19 Seconds Of Spring (Homepage) wrote: Lovely tones... Michael
  13. Tim Corbeel (Homepage) wrote: Excellent image! Love the colors and composition! Very well done :)
  14. Pooria (Homepage) wrote: Framing and compsotion and also the red are great on this photo
  15. Nick (Homepage) wrote: WoW! Those are great reds. Love the dark shadows.
  16. NJ & SB Photography (Homepage) wrote: Muy buen macro, el color rojo intenso es muy chulo!
  17. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Impressive macro shot, love the red colors and the sharpness of the lady bug. Beautifully composed.
  18. anton (Homepage) wrote: That's a very cool shot! Brilliant colours.
  19. FLOOG (Homepage) wrote: Quite simply, magnificent
  20. (Homepage) wrote: Great colors and details. Excellent work Paolo, bravo!!!
  21. eyeswideopened@RAW-Shooter (Homepage) wrote: stunning colors! well done shot!
  22. claire (Homepage) wrote: wow. the shades of red are just wonderful and the details of the bug is just amazingly clear. very nice.
  23. martie (Homepage) wrote: Gorgeous! So warm with all those reds, and a perfect macro of the little critter!
  24. A.B.C. Photography (Homepage) wrote: Simply beautiful!
  25. Terry H. (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful macro of one of the good bugs in the world. Awesome shot!
  26. Nicki (Homepage) wrote: this little man rocks, so colorfull and detailed!
  27. AC (Homepage) wrote: One of my favorite insects - great details and a beautifully composed capture.
  28. Rachael (Homepage) wrote: These folds of red are stunning.
  29. (Homepage) wrote: I think these photos are so cool. Unfortunately I'm not able to take such pictures so I enjoy seeing these at your blog.
  30. jaro muoz (Homepage) wrote: haces musica viva con tus fotos. Gracias
  31. Beeps and Chirps (Homepage) wrote: What a macro!
  32. Olivier (Homepage) wrote: Superbe macro-photographie. Avec juste la profondeur de champ qu'il faut.
  33. Pedro (Homepage) wrote: Excellent use of DOF, I like the red/orange combination too. Regards
  34. Florence (Homepage) wrote: So nice, and cute ! Lovely compo... great crop and the colors are obviously superb... Well done. Delicacy itself.
  35. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: I haven't seen a ladybug in years. Very cool against the red with the shallow depth-of-field.
  36. Pradeep (Homepage) wrote: Lovely shot, great detail and colors :)
  37. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: This is superb! The color is amazing and of course the detail in the little lady bug is splendid.
  38. Sobral (Homepage) wrote: Davvvero bella, nella composizione, nel soggetto, nei colori, tutto. Bravissimo!
  39. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: Brilliant color and composition! A very joyful image!
  40. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Nice colours. I like the way the red goes darker from left to right.
  41. Peety (Homepage) wrote: Great macro shot!
  42. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Macro with great deep of field and composition but with the light to hard.
  43. Phototherapy (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful gradiants - seven years of happyness! It's a winner, well done! SwissCharles
  44. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: Spettacolare, si vede che sai cosa fare con dof, esposizione e macro...
  45. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: what a niiiiice little lady bug!! one of the sweetest macros i've every seen!! well done you!!
  46. Urbansand (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful reds. I like how the dark folk of the flower makes the back of the ladybug standout.
  47. JJ (Homepage) wrote: what a stunning macro, lovely tight DOF and such vibrant colors
  48. vera (Homepage) wrote: original and not so easy in the same tones, excellent-just the foregroung on the right disturbs a little the main subject bu but..
  49. beat (Homepage) wrote: excellent shot the colors
  50. sherri (Homepage) wrote: A ladybug is probably the only bug I can stand to look at. Love the darkness in this image.
  51. Zing (Homepage) wrote: Great capture of the little ladybug. Nice colours and dof.
  52. mbecher (Homepage) wrote: I love that red. Also the poor ladybug looks like he is going to fall in a moment.
  53. grant (Homepage) wrote: spectacular macro!
  54. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Shades of red indeed. Beautiful shot.
  55. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Stunning detail. WOW!
  56. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: Bella, bellissima! Perfetta composizione dell'imagine e magnifici colori!
  57. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: What a bokeh in this macro : colors are so nice !
  58. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: great colors and dof
  59. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Exquisite ladybug and the colours of surroundings! In the Poland, when we meet the ladybug we tell "magic" words: "ladybug fly to the sky and bring man the piece of bread..." :)
  60. Luan (Homepage) wrote: Excellent composition!
  61. David H-W (Homepage) wrote: Lovely macro with some great detail and colour.
  62. Riccardo (Homepage) wrote: Luminosa, molto colorata, ben composta. Molto bella questa foto anche se, per miei gusti personali, avrei saturato un po' meno i colori. Ciao, Riccardo.

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