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  1. photo retouching (Homepage) wrote: I just happened to stumble on this image once again, it is absolutely perfect!
  2. photo retouch company (Homepage) wrote: stunning shot and tone!
  3. tom (Homepage) wrote: Wow!! That's stunning.
  4. Riccardo (Homepage) wrote: Nel momento in cui il mio occhio ha focalizzato allora ho capito quale è il soggetto...bella ma forse un po' confusa. Riccardo. Astratta.
  5. Marie (Homepage) wrote: wonderful !!!
  6. Tim Corbeel (Homepage) wrote: This is a winner! Great tones and very creative :) Very very well done!
  7. shadebox (Homepage) wrote: Truly exceptional, great composition and exceptional processing! I really like it.
  8. Angelique (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful effect!
  9. Andres (Homepage) wrote: I love the way you make these images. The reflection is superb!!
  10. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Stunning and impressive image. The sharpness is superb. The mirrored reflections are perfect. Great job processing this image.
  11. Suby & Sinem (Homepage) wrote: Almost gives us a headache looking at this but we love it :D
  12. LightningPaul (Homepage) wrote: Great image. Very artistic.
  13. Gromitch (Homepage) wrote: Wow!!! How??? Excellent!
  14. Tom (Homepage) wrote: As usual a very nice picture. I love the colors and the pattern is strikening.
  15. eyeswideopened@RAW-Shooter (Homepage) wrote: quite experimental, well done! have to look twice!
  16. pietro (Homepage) wrote: very interesting effect ;)
  17. Nick (Homepage) wrote: WoW! Great coloring and reflections!!
  18. Phototherapy (Homepage) wrote: Great abstract capture, love the toning. Well done! SwissCharles
  19. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic! Love the richness of colors and tones. Absolutely magical!!!
  20. Rich H (Homepage) wrote: That is really cool... it's like a texture shot and landscape all in one.
  21. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Stunning!! You did a superb job here! So strong!
  22. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Very Paolo Micheli style ! I mean: not bad at all !
  23. NANNE (Homepage) wrote: What a fantastic photo! GREAT! NANNE from FRIESLAND
  24. Vink (Homepage) wrote: L'effet est fantastique ! J'aime beaucoup la tonalité du cliché également !
  25. beat (Homepage) wrote: wow,perfect,outstanding processing, very special
  26. Framed and Shot (Homepage) wrote: Perfect. Ready to hang on the wall.
  27. lasiate (Homepage) wrote: étonnant effet de drapé! c'est très beau
  28. Terry H. (Homepage) wrote: Awesome and very creative!
  29. siam (Homepage) wrote: brilliant.. Well captured
  30. Marcah (Homepage) wrote: Fascinating and mesmerizing. Thank you for your visit.
  31. Suzanne Cummings (Homepage) wrote: Perfect composition. I love the tonality...outstanding image.
  32. Markus Spring (Homepage) wrote: a pattern almost like a maze! Wonderful brown toning, this image keeps my view captive!
  33. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: the best image I saw today - congratulations
  34. Pedro (Homepage) wrote: fine job, Paolo. I like the composition and the tones you´ve chosen.
  35. gimmeMore (Homepage) wrote: A very nice postprocess, vrey graceful.
  36. Liang (Homepage) wrote: Cool reflection shot!
  37. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: This is a very, very cool abstract. Would look awesome as a giant print.
  38. petitlouis (Homepage) wrote: Splendide composition remarquablement proportionnée !
  39. Polydactyle (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful "abstract" nature shot.
  40. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Oh, wow. I love that.
  41. Ion P. (Homepage) wrote: lovely experimental shot , keep up the good work ;-)
  42. Pradeep (Homepage) wrote: Wow!! Totally surreal. Love the treatment. Great job :)
  43. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: I really like this symetric shot.
  44. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: Un'immagine sorprendente! Mi piace la tua creatività Paolo!
  45. Nicki (Homepage) wrote: great chromatic tones! strange and surrealistic, realy good!
  46. Susan (Homepage) wrote: Amazing abstract...superb!
  47. martie (Homepage) wrote: I agree with the above comments - this IS stunning. The movement almost makes me dizzy.
  48. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: This is a truly amazing image. Just gorgeous.
  49. FLOOG (Homepage) wrote: Absolute perfection. A visual feast
  50. Zing (Homepage) wrote: Very cool abstract, so dramatic!
  51. cliare (Homepage) wrote: really stunning image. excellent composition.
  52. rem_la (Homepage) wrote: bizarrerie symetrique !
  53. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Sempre affascinanti le tue elaborazioni. Di questa in particolare, oltre alla composizione, molto belli i toni. Complimenti
  54. grant (Homepage) wrote: damn...very cool. this looks like it's moving to music.
  55. Ilger.nl (Homepage) wrote: The mirroring...super. Looks more like art then a photo.
  56. bluechameleon (Homepage) wrote: I have never seen anything like this before...needless to say, this is absolutely stunning!
  57. beanow (Homepage) wrote: The most beautiful from all abstracts in the world!
  58. JJ (Homepage) wrote: wow this is so beautiful, I am not sure how you achieved this but it is so beautiful
  59. Florence (Homepage) wrote: A brilliant composition, graphic and oniric... I like the reflections here and I like the fact that still we don't know where's the reality (except the plants in the middle)...
  60. NJ & SB Photography (Homepage) wrote: Impresinante abstracto, que le has hecho a los árboles?? es impresionante el resultado. Buen trabajo Paolo saludos Núria
  61. Michael Rawluk (Homepage) wrote: That is stunning. Whatever you did to it that came out perfectly.

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