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  1. Oleg (Homepage) wrote: Magia! Sembra di essere in una favola.
  2. Jarrard (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic light.
  3. Francis (Homepage) wrote: Molto bella fotografia e un ottimo trattamento delle immagini che rende un meraviglioso e magico. Splendido e magnifico .. Paolo Bravo Francis
  4. dewaun.simmons (Homepage) wrote: wonderful! the light rays are simply fantastic. Superb "misty morning" feeling to this shot.
  5. Bernhard (Homepage) wrote: Wow, great work. Looks like a fantasy story. I like it...
  6. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Wow. This is really pretty.
  7. Cyril (Homepage) wrote: Simply, amazing! I like the ray of lights... just beautiful!
  8. birce (Homepage) wrote: waooww absolutely great composıtıon great lıght and great edıtıng congratsss
  9. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Superb effect. Very clean, very sharp, very expressive image. Great one Paolo !
  10. Framed and Shot (Homepage) wrote: Superb light! We like the way you have emphasized the patches of colour on the forest floor.
  11. Jim - 365,000 words (Homepage) wrote: Just incredible light in this image. Very well captured and processed.
  12. Gromitch (Homepage) wrote: Nice lighting idea! Great!
  13. Marie (Homepage) wrote: magique, et très beau !
  14. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: Superb image. Very poetic.
  15. (Homepage) wrote: Oh my... what a lovely shot. I love the fact that trees are almost desaturated.
  16. lusyamcoga (Homepage) wrote: Oh quelle ambiance ! c'est magnifique !!
  17. Riccardo (Homepage) wrote: Bellissima! Cio' che mi colpisce in questa foto (oltre alla sua eccezionale nitidezza) è la luce. Immagino che tu abbia scattato con il treppiede e con tempi lunghi...Veramente un ottimo lavoro. Riccardo.
  18. Joaquin Arias (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic work, great!
  19. vera (Homepage) wrote: excellent post processing to increase the effect of the light
  20. (Homepage) wrote: What a shot and what a processing! This photo has it all....moreover because you were able to keep all the detail. Impressive.
  21. Mirko Herzner (Homepage) wrote: A stunning shot. Very well processed. Truly amazing! I am goging to bookmark it on VFXY.
  22. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Stunning shot!
  23. Florence (Homepage) wrote: Your post-processing added to the angle of view make me think of a primitive forest somehow... where's T. Rex ? That's beautiful, of course ! :-)
  24. Petra (Homepage) wrote: Wow, what a beautiful capture of light!
  25. LightningPaul (Homepage) wrote: Amazing! Really great. Perhaps a little bit overdone but the result is still awesome!
  26. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: A marvellous light and mist in this forest shot. Cheers.
  27. Sobral (Homepage) wrote: Che atmosfera magica! Bellissima foto, complimenti!
  28. Liang (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful shining light blazing through the trees! Perfectly captured!!
  29. polydactyle (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful light. We can smell de woods.
  30. Alex Caballero (Homepage) wrote: Bellisimo paisaje, esa luz atravesando los arboles le da una fuerza, por no hablar del tratamiento que has aplicado, buenisimo...saludos, me encanta tu trabajo.
  31. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: No kidding. That is some beautiful light. It makes for very dramatic image. Nicely done.
  32. Nick (Homepage) wrote: WoW! Love those light beams and the grasses. Fantastic.
  33. 19 Seconds Of Spring (Homepage) wrote: Impressive work! Great lightning Michael
  34. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Bella composizione, nei boschi per la presenza di molti elementi non sempre è facile realizzarla. La luce è stupenda ma, volevo chiederti se hai operato una sorta di HDR? Un saluto
  35. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: lol it says my comment is mandatory... like WOW dude, amazing pic!!!
  36. Tom (Homepage) wrote: This is the most impressive image you've posted so far.....marvelous
  37. pedro (Homepage) wrote: Bravo Paolo, I´m looking for this photo from a long time, You´ve got it. Congrats
  38. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: Mystical atmosphere, inspires me to walk through those woods. Very nice image, and the sunbeams look awesome!
  39. martie (Homepage) wrote: Love this composition - the gold/orange in the foreground is wonderful. However, the lighting is spectacular!
  40. Markus Spring (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful backlight, seems to come out right of a fairytale
  41. Beat (Homepage) wrote: wow!!!! just beautifull. really wall hanging quality
  42. FLOOG (Homepage) wrote: This is a masterpiece. What I'd give to take a shot like this. Beautiful processing
  43. grant (Homepage) wrote: stunning, fairytale landscape!
  44. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Superb! Lovely with the sun rays.
  45. MIles Wolstenholme (Homepage) wrote: WOW. This is so beautiful. Fantastic composition, the lighting and muted colours are perfect!
  46. Craig (Homepage) wrote: Great light combined with subtle colour, this is a wonderful image!
  47. Ted (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful shot, saturation of colour & exposure.
  48. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: The martians are coming!! I knew it! This is stunning! What a great light!
  49. claire (Homepage) wrote: this is one image where all i can say is.... wow. stunning.
  50. eyeswideopened (Homepage) wrote: yes, this rocks!
  51. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Love how you've captured the sun's rays. You are so good at these gorgeous manipulations! WOW!
  52. grant (Homepage) wrote: again, magical light!
  53. Darrius (Homepage) wrote: now that is great light.. and placement of light. nice.
  54. Phototherapy (Homepage) wrote: Awesome, Paulo :) Great visual feeling! SwissCharles
  55. Katrin (Homepage) wrote: Paolo, another masterpiece from you! Amazing how you captured the rays of light shining trought the branches of the trees. I love this shot! (Hope to hear from you soon!)
  56. Alex Caballero (Homepage) wrote: Bellisimo bosque, con una entrada de luz eh quedado de piedra con tan buen tratamiento, saludos.
  57. sherri (Homepage) wrote: The light streaming through the trees is incredible. Such a beautiful woodland and wonderful capture.
  58. siam (Homepage) wrote: My compliments very good quality of shoot, I like this treatment.
  59. Riri (Homepage) wrote: Great light !

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