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  1. SePp (Homepage) wrote: you have a very nice... and VERY FAST blog :-) Greets from Trier
  2. tom (Homepage) wrote: Amazing reflections. Excellent!
  3. Mario Jean (Homepage) wrote: Fabulous composition and editing. Very, very well done.
  4. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Simply outstanding. I ma stunned. I have no words. Sorry for that !
  5. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: Very nice reflection… Cheers for this cityscape…
  6. Marco Marques (Homepage) wrote: Wow man... nice work. Amazing. Keep in touch.
  7. Framed and Shot (Homepage) wrote: Great reflections. The facade is sufficiently broken up that the reflection becomes a challenge to work out. Nice work!
  8. claire (Homepage) wrote: amazing shot. i love the many reflections and your processing. superb!
  9. 19 Seconds Of Spring (Homepage) wrote: Great capture, beautiful tones... Michael
  10. rem_la (Homepage) wrote: belle reflection urbaine !
  11. (Homepage) wrote: What a great choice to go for sepia here and the perspective you took taking this shot. See some purple toning as well if i'm right. Gives a bit a hdr kind of look.
  12. Albert (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful image, perfect composition and image processing, you have a spectacular gallery, I congratulate you. Greetings
  13. Albert (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful image, perfect composition and image processing, you have a spectacular gallery, I congratulate you. Greetings
  14. Mirko Herzner (Homepage) wrote: This is lovely. The colors and effect are amazing.
  15. ilovephotoblogs (Homepage) wrote: .....beautiful!!! the sepia color, converging lines, and overall content
  16. Claus Petersen (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic reflection, the details are endless!
  17. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Awesome reflections. Cool!
  18. Alex Caballero (Homepage) wrote: Me parece una fotografia de lujo, tanto por el encuadre como por el tratamiento en HDR, buen disparo...el reflejo en los cristales sobervio, un abrazo
  19. Liang (Homepage) wrote: love the transparency you've shown here!
  20. Nick (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic. Love the lines and the reflections.
  21. (Homepage) wrote: Love this one, do you care to explain how you lade it ?
  22. Deepcut (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic interplay of reflections!
  23. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: Awesome shot, Paolo. Terrific use of the reflections.
  24. philipp (Homepage) wrote: absolutely great! how did you process this? greetinx!
  25. Phototherapy (Homepage) wrote: Stunning reflections and nice HDR treatment. I love the toning! SwissCharles
  26. Donelia Pérez (Homepage) wrote: Lovely image. I love the soft colour.
  27. beanow (Homepage) wrote: The splendid processing! Excellent reflections and colours. Super!
  28. Hervé (Homepage) wrote: Très belle ambiance et bonne utilisation des reflets!! Beau travail Amicalement
  29. martie (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful reflections!
  30. Frida (Homepage) wrote: This is a great image. Love the reflection and the futuristic feel about it. Metropolis is a very good title.
  31. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: beautiful colors, it looks like a painting, i love it!!!
  32. Polydactyle (Homepage) wrote: Excellent work. Impressive feflection and futurists colors.
  33. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Simply outstanding, the reflections are superb and the processing exceptional. Love this image, so surreal.
  34. grant (Homepage) wrote: fantastic - mindboggling
  35. siam (Homepage) wrote: There it is very pure in composition of this modern architecture, good stocks of light
  36. sherri (Homepage) wrote: Absolutely gorgeous capture. Such a beautiful structure and the lines and reflections are amazing.
  37. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Incredibile gioco di riflessi e trasparenze, molto belli anche i toni...mi piace molto. Complimenti Paolo! CIAO
  38. mbecher (Homepage) wrote: Loads of beauty in here. I really like your color treatment.
  39. eyeswideopened (Homepage) wrote: wow! what a shot! this toning is amazing!
  40. Sabine (Homepage) wrote: Wow - frantic yet calm. I like it a lot. Colors are nice also.
  41. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic reflections. Hard to tell what's real..from what's simply reflecting off the glass surface. Love the soft warm colors.

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