fashionable Rothko

† 13-12-2008 † 5264 views

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  1. Alberto (Homepage) wrote: Really good work for the post-process of this image, love the contrast between the 'soft' silhouettes and the 'sharp' text. Nice
  2. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: Sė, mi piace moltissimo l'elaborazione dell'immagine. Bravo, come sempre!
  3. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: very cool, love the PP... well done you!!
  4. (Homepage) wrote: Nice idea and well processed.
  5. grant (Homepage) wrote: i like the effect here very much!
  6. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Intriguing shot here. Very unique.
  7. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: Interesting how you approached this...Rothko would have appreciated the rectangles in the background but probably would've told the people to get lost!
  8. vera (Homepage) wrote: good processing !
  9. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Very creative and excellent image!
  10. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Molto molto faschion e pop...ottima e azzeccatissima elaborazione...MI PIACE!
  11. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: I wish the artist could take part of his success. Nice pp.
  12. Beat (Homepage) wrote: interesting artwork!
  13. Sabine (Homepage) wrote: Cool effect on this image.
  14. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Really cool effect. Like that a lot.
  15. Nicki (Homepage) wrote: seems to be a bussi place? Surrealistic, i like it!
  16. Mirko Herzner (Homepage) wrote: A nice artwork. I really like how you processed the people.

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