cast an Eye over

† 14-12-2008 † 5695 views

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  1. ronan (Homepage) wrote: excellent capture, the lights are beautiful.
  2. Tim Corbeel (Homepage) wrote: Superb exposure and composition! Very nice work!
  3. Martin Belehradek (Homepage) wrote: Nice work with long exp. and color
  4. Miles Wolstenholme (Homepage) wrote: Great shot, the exposure works well.
  5. cako (Homepage) wrote: Interesting long time exposure. Great motion effect.
  6. siam (Homepage) wrote: Image très jolie, hauteur de gamme des couleurs.
  7. Tim (Homepage) wrote: Oh yes !!!! Me likes.....
  8. Chris Chisu (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful composition.
  9. dewaun.simmons (Homepage) wrote: rather exhilarating photo! I like the whirling feeling of the ferris wheel and the angled-in feeling of the buildings. Nice stuff!
  10. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Oh my! It looks like it is falling!
  11. grant (Homepage) wrote: very cool. these things scare the hell out of me though!
  12. (Homepage) wrote: London eye goes mad! How does this work?
  13. tom (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic image. Great work!
  14. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Molto bella paolo, luce e colore splendidi...particolare e utile alla composizione la deformazione ottica delle linee. Un saluto
  15. Markus Spring (Homepage) wrote: You made best use of the wideangle characteristics and got great dynamics here!
  16. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: I bet it´s fun to ride. Great night shot.
  17. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Interesting picture. I really like the color and tones. The movement in the Eye and the city silhouette in the back. Well captured!
  18. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: I LOVE these wide shots - excellnt scenery - framing - colors....all
  19. Polydactyle (Homepage) wrote: Nice mouvement photo and cool night view!
  20. Darrius (Homepage) wrote: really nice framing and balance between the cityscape, night sky, and Ferris wheel.
  21. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Magic image...I love it!
  22. Mirko Herzner (Homepage) wrote: Again a lovely work. I especially like the composition here. Colors are nice, too.
  23. Mario Jean (Homepage) wrote: Interesting and unusual point of view. Very beautiful.
  24. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Very cool aspect. Really interesting shot.
  25. Michael Skorulski (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful. I think there is great action here.
  26. aadesanya (Homepage) wrote: very nice capture of the London Eye and the landscape

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