fly me to the moon

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  1. Lark (Homepage) wrote: PLVQxK You've hit the ball out the park! Increidlbe!
  2. Iris (Homepage) wrote: - that is amazing! Your entire blog is just awesome!!!!
  3. Craig (Homepage) wrote: This is such a great shot. With the West end spread out before you, the East end reflected in the pod. Amazing colours and looks to be pin sharp for a night shot in which you were on the move!!
  4. sven (Homepage) wrote: what a crazy futurepicture, amazing!
  5. Cliff (Homepage) wrote: Great angle. Guess it's the London Eye. Wonderful colours! Never made it up there.
  6. Asgardr (Homepage) wrote: Never saw it from this angle COOL!
  7. Roberta (Homepage) wrote: Wow - very cool. Such great details and terrific colors.
  8. Giovanni (Homepage) wrote: Bellissimo il disco volante! Dove si trova? Bella immagine rivolta al futuro!
  9. Olivier (Homepage) wrote: Comme une soucoupe spatiale prête au départ ... Superbe maitrise de la lumière.
  10. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Such an excellent view here. Wonderful shot.
  11. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: I like the colors the framing and the scenery
  12. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Really does look like a space ship. Love the transparency andlight. Excellent capture!!!
  13. Mario Jean (Homepage) wrote: Ha ha! Very interesting capture. Was this thing built to look like an UFO? Anyways, superb capture, Paolo.
  14. Gromitch (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Great lighting! I want to be there!
  15. ronan (Homepage) wrote: wow a real anticipation aventure
  16. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Absolutely stunning! I don't know if I would dare to go up there.
  17. Miles Wolstenholme (Homepage) wrote: Excellent shot of the London Eye, keep up the great work my friend.
  18. (Homepage) wrote: Lovely shot, keep up the work
  19. Tim Corbeel (Homepage) wrote: Wooow, cool shot! Very well done. Love the atmosphere and the light is truely fantastic!
  20. siam (Homepage) wrote: it is purely brilliant to it go back up, you have colours of nice who brings to light this picture.
  21. Polydactyle (Homepage) wrote: Alien atmosphere. Colors are nice and composition is excellent with the moon.
  22. (Homepage) wrote: This had to be a hell of a view. Where you in a similar cocon?
  23. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Amazing, exquisite, futuristic.. BRAVO!
  24. Marie (Homepage) wrote: wouaw, un régal pour les yeux !
  25. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: Me too....Incredible colours!
  26. grant (Homepage) wrote: stunning, a sci-fi shot!
  27. aadesanya (Homepage) wrote: lovely image, nice composition, perspective, colors and view of the skyline
  28. Alex Caballero (Homepage) wrote: Me parece una fotografia bestial, tanto por el tratamiento, como por lo arriesgada y vertigosa que es, te felicito es una maravilla a gran altura, saludos.
  29. Darrius (Homepage) wrote: Great perspective. The lighting and color really sets this off nicely... in a sci-fi type of way.
  30. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Very futuristic looking! Great colors and nice vivid image!
  31. Tom (Homepage) wrote: It's the London Eye, isn't it? Wonderful shot. Very spacey shot.
  32. Nicki (Homepage) wrote: Las Vegas? Must be a great to fly over the city! Superb!

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