St Pauls Cathedral

† 26-12-2008 † 10777 views

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  1. Olaf (Homepage) wrote: An amazing composition, perfect made in HDR. An happy new year and have always the perfect light in 2009.
  2. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Nice angle. Great picture.
  3. Denis (Homepage) wrote: Excellent contrast of styles, excellent perspective. I love this image
  4. Gromitch (Homepage) wrote: Composition is stunning!! Amazing contrast between surfaces! I want to take my old 17-40 lens and go to the city :))))
  5. krusaf (Homepage) wrote: Excellent composition and treatment
  6. pedro (Homepage) wrote: Excellent composition, Paolo, plenty of contrasts. A happy new year.
  7. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Worked wonderfully B & W! He looks how graphic artist...Bravo!
  8. cako (Homepage) wrote: Great composition and interesting contrasts of old and modern architecture.
  9. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: very nice framing and great image quality
  10. grant (Homepage) wrote: amazing composition and detail!
  11. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Impressive image! I love the original way of presenting this! This is in London right? I'll be going there for the first time next week so I hope to catch some images like these :)
  12. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: Great composition.
  13. (Homepage) wrote: Love the contrast between the modern stuff and the old cathedral in the background, the monotones add something special to this picture. Well done!
  14. Beat (Homepage) wrote: Ciao Paolo, I'm back :-) You have "The Photograic Eye"! Great picture!
  15. aadesanya (Homepage) wrote: Very interesting... I'm not sure what that is to the left of the image, but it adds an interesting dimension to this image. Regards Ade
  16. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: Framed with graphic precision. Excellent.
  17. mbecher (Homepage) wrote: Is this real? If so, great perspective. Very esher-like.
  18. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: wow, just gorgeous!! it reminds me of Escher!!
  19. Andres (Homepage) wrote: Amazing combination, angle and tones!!
  20. Craig (Homepage) wrote: You always find a new slant on everything! I agree with the other comment that this has a pencil drawn feel to it, very nicely done!
  21. Claus Petersen (Homepage) wrote: Looks allot like a combination of a drawing and a photograph!
  22. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: I like this. As mentioned, the juxtaposition between new and old is great. It also looks like a pencil drawing but definitely not the fake photoshop-generated kind. Looks a lot like the US Capitol Building.
  23. Michael Rawluk (Homepage) wrote: That is a very fresh view of the dome and I love the processing. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
  24. Polydactyle (Homepage) wrote: Great architectural view. I like the difference between old and modern.
  25. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Interesting photo - great detail.
  26. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Excellent lines here. Great shot!

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