yellow system

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  1. Visioplanet (Homepage) wrote: Lovely composition. In simplicity lies beauty... :)
  2. Remus (Homepage) wrote: awesome picture! I love the style and very good composition.
  3. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Cool abstract shot.
  4. Franck (Homepage) wrote: Très graphique. J'aime beaucoup cette couleur jaune, ces cercles concentriques ... Bien vu !
  5. (Homepage) wrote: Very very cool...and yellow. Can you tell us what it is?
  6. ronan (Homepage) wrote: I like this one, the softness of the curves lignes and colors give a zen feeling
  7. mbecher (Homepage) wrote: Whatever it is, it is really beautiful. Great work on the composition.
  8. Marhilde (Homepage) wrote: The compositon, the lines, the colors, the tones : great !
  9. krusaf (Homepage) wrote: Very graphic
  10. Traveller (Homepage) wrote: Good composition and the colour looks great
  11. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: This is a beautiful composition. Really excellent.
  12. aadesanya (Homepage) wrote: Nice colors and circular composition
  13. Mario Jean [madoc photo] (Homepage) wrote: Image aux qualités graphiques indéniables. J'aime beaucoup.
  14. Olivier (Homepage) wrote: Superbe image ! De l'abstraction à la Kandiski ...
  15. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Impressive colors and tones in this image. The circular lines are mesmerizing, an excellent composition.
  16. Luan (Homepage) wrote: Excellent photo. The framing is superb.
  17. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Titolo perfetto per uno scatto eccellente...tra i migliori astratti visti di recente...complimenti davvero!
  18. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: bellissimo astratto. lampada?
  19. Marie (Homepage) wrote: magnifique graphisme, j'aime beaucoup.
  20. Beat (Homepage) wrote: Me too, I wonder what it is??. It's very special!
  21. Gromitch (Homepage) wrote: Nice lines, nice composition, nice idea of abstraction!
  22. Andres (Homepage) wrote: Very original. Is that a lamp???
  23. Terry H. (Homepage) wrote: Oh NO I'm being sucked into the Vortex. Cool Shot!!
  24. Alex Caballero (Homepage) wrote: Muy original y redonda fotografia, con esa luz al final del...tunel? me encanta cuando te has de comer la cabeza mirando un y otra vez, felices fiestas
  25. Caryn Caldwell (Homepage) wrote: Love the colors in this one, and the depth that the lines give it!
  26. grant (Homepage) wrote: excellent. i wonder what it is, but it really doesn't matter...
  27. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: It almost looks like computer generated art or something. It's very cool looking, whatever it is. Great eye for spotting it and I like how you framed it.
  28. Pradeep (Homepage) wrote: Nice composition, very beautiful. Love the colors and the abstract nature of this shot :)
  29. Phil (Homepage) wrote: Great abstraction and title, I love it!
  30. sherri (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful color and lines in this capture.

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