An activated Stargate

† 30-12-2008 † 5910 views

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  1. tom (Homepage) wrote: Amazing structure and geometry.
  2. Justin Blanton (Homepage) wrote: Wow.
  3. Julien (Homepage) wrote: I love it, great !!
  4. Chris Cardelli (Homepage) wrote: A most excellent image! The symmetry is awesome and the repetition of ellipses is striking. Great photo.
  5. Asgardr (Homepage) wrote: Is this that millenium bridge? Looks cool!
  6. stephen phillips (Homepage) wrote: Magnificent. Perfectly seen. Have a wonder-filled and happy New Year!
  7. Evgeny Pogorelov (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful! I loved that show so much. Way to make it feel real.
  8. Michael Rawluk (Homepage) wrote: Very cool shot. It pulls the eye right in for a dizzying ride into the New Year.
  9. martie (Homepage) wrote: Excellent abstract composition. The processing, as always, is perfect!
  10. Erikou (Homepage) wrote: Mystérieux et Génial ! Belle composition, j'adore!! Bon réveillon et bonne année 2009 ;-)
  11. Turnbill (Homepage) wrote: Neat shot. Yes, the feet and shadows make the photo.
  12. Nacho Carreras (Homepage) wrote: Preciosa foto. ¡Feliz año! Salud y suerte.
  13. Rolf Kaul (Homepage) wrote: All the best and Happy New Year, Paolo!
  14. ronan (Homepage) wrote: wow, carefull, hyperespace !!! wouff this picture is graphic and vertiginous
  15. claire (Homepage) wrote: beautiful image. love your perspective. happy new year! :D
  16. Nicki (Homepage) wrote: Strange - viewing this capture gives many questions... the future is now? Happy new year!
  17. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: Very unusual work, Paolo. It's awesome, what can I say? The people walking around really push it over the top from good to great. Not generally a big fan of digital art but if it works, then it works. Very cool.
  18. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: wow, that looks so cool, whatever it is!! niiiiice shot!! :)
  19. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Stargate is right, this image is fantastic. Love those curves and the perspective draws you right into this image. Excellent in every respect.
  20. Craig (Homepage) wrote: Wow - this is interesting and beautiful, and it took me a few minutes to figure out what I was looking at! Very creative
  21. grant (Homepage) wrote: another stellar photo!
  22. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Wow. Really nice shot. Great perspective. Top work.
  23. Olivier Jules (Homepage) wrote: amazing perspective!
  24. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Paolo! This is the amazing abstract! Bravo!
  25. sven (Homepage) wrote: It´s is not the first time, I don´t know what I see on the photo, but it just looks great. It is a distortion, and people walking?
  26. (Homepage) wrote: Paolo, you did it again, WOW what a point of view, i'd really love to have your eyes for a day, you'll keep getting those original points of view. Well done!

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