gust of Tramontana wind

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  1. Giņ (Homepage) wrote: Non ci posso credere, hai fotografato il vento!!! Incredibile!!!
  2. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Really cool abstract shot.
  3. Pere (Homepage) wrote: Impressive. It is an image almost minimalist. Very beautiful.
  4. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Spettacolo! Complimenti Paolo, un dettaglio non facile da riprendere!
  5. Pradeep (Homepage) wrote: Wow!! Very nice, totally surreal. Took some time to figure it out. Great job :)
  6. Nicki (Homepage) wrote: Great detail of nature power!
  7. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Wow! Very creative picture! Super processing.
  8. ida (Homepage) wrote: wow! This is an abstract of reality! I love this shot! excellent WORK INDEED! :)
  9. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic..almost sensuous abstract. Love the ice formations. Just beautiful!!!
  10. bruno (Homepage) wrote: it looks like frame in expensive galleries. i really like it. bw tones are amazing. you captred nature as it is. grat job
  11. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: how glorious! maybe a glacier? very majestic shot!!
  12. grant (Homepage) wrote: so this is what the wind looks like - excellent!
  13. ronan (Homepage) wrote: sumptuous draped mountains, wonderful. I like the movement and the play of light
  14. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: The shadows add depth, and the back lighting adds the effect of motion here. Impressive.
  15. (Homepage) wrote: Love the effect of the wind, the nice effect of the floating snow.

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