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  1. Margie (Homepage) wrote: That's a mold-beraekr. Great thinking!
  2. Kevin from (Homepage) wrote: Stunning blues - love the gradient light - plus, you can really feel the weight of the snow on the trees.
  3. jbm (Homepage) wrote: Wonderful ! I'm fan !
  4. pippone (Homepage) wrote: like sugar. pure winterscape, perfect picture.
  5. Gromitch (Homepage) wrote: Great! I really like this kind of your photos!
  6. Erikou (Homepage) wrote: C'est MAGNIFIQUE, j'adore !!!, trés belle gestion de la lumière !
  7. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Wow amazing photo. Love the sense of cold in this photo.
  8. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Stunning image! Well done! So much detail and the light is wonderfully captured!
  9. gavin hart (Homepage) wrote: The trees seem to resemble people trudging up the mountainside and stooped over with the weight of snow. Nicely composed. I like the burst of sun behind the branches.
  10. Marie (Homepage) wrote: magnifique !
  11. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Lovely sharp image. The tree looks like a monster climbing up the mountain.
  12. philipp (Homepage) wrote: very beautiful, the snow and the trees look great.
  13. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Very nice! Dancing pines...:) Stunning lght.
  14. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: So crisp and clear I can smell the fresh air and feel the nip of the cold on my face. Perfect position angle. Awesomely beautiful!
  15. LightningPaul (Homepage) wrote: Very beautiful! I love the sun and very blue sky. The trees are well lit. Fantastic composition.
  16. birgit (Homepage) wrote: totaly great! love this dynamic view of winter!
  17. Sabine (Homepage) wrote: I love snow photos and yours are great. This one is no exception. You have just the right exposure. Well done.
  18. JJ (Homepage) wrote: WOW this is a fantastic winter shot
  19. Will Williams (Homepage) wrote: Looks like someone sprayed the trees with cake frosting :)
  20. martie (Homepage) wrote: This is an absolutely stunning winter scene. Just excellent. Belongs on a wall for everyone to enjoy!
  21. oldshutterhand (Homepage) wrote: A short break from theyr frosty stress.
  22. Terry H. (Homepage) wrote: Love the bright sunshine along with the snow. Its beautiful!
  23. Vincenz (Homepage) wrote: Great shot! This is winter ;) Greets, Vincenz
  24. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: I love the sun flare. Beautiful winter landscape.
  25. omar (Homepage) wrote: More snow than here! Amazing landscape and well processed
  26. yiannis krikis (Homepage) wrote: excellent landscape - great lighting balance
  27. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Truly a winter wonderland image. Beautiful sun rays and snow covered tree. Love the angle of this shot, excellent work!
  28. Cristian (Homepage) wrote: What a nice place to be. Good capture!
  29. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: Almost a postcard, with this PoV, and this light !
  30. Elaine- (Homepage) wrote: absolutely stunning! what clarity, what colors!
  31. (Homepage) wrote: Looks like we was all shooting snowy landscapes during holidays Paolo. :) I saw a lot of photos of snowy landscapes these days and this is one of the few i saw where the snow is not "grey". If you know what i mean... All the best for the new year and congrats for the 2008 Coolphotoblogs Awards ranking.
  32. pedro alexandre (Homepage) wrote: beautifull, i like the flare.
  33. Tim (Homepage) wrote: That is a GREAT shot !!! I wish we had some snow here as well now ...
  34. joshi daniel (Homepage) wrote: nice shot!
  35. Liang (Homepage) wrote: lovely sun exposure shown in this shot. I also like the bended trees =D Hope the new year has started well for you.
  36. Michael Skorulski (Homepage) wrote: A classically beautiful image, Paulo.
  37. Lunamania (Homepage) wrote: I love the rays coming from the sun and hot the trees look like they are bowing to it. The blues are rich and soaring too. Great shot.
  38. Siam (Homepage) wrote: Photograph in this light of a blue sky, my wishes for 2009.
  39. grant (Homepage) wrote: this has such a dramatic feel - like a place where one would plant a flag after arriving!
  40. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful scenery! With great light and colors.
  41. Albert (Homepage) wrote: Great capture, Paolo.
  42. Olivier Jules (Homepage) wrote: wonderful capture!
  43. Ilan (Homepage) wrote: Ahh.... This is beautiful. Amazing scenery, and so much colors and what seems to be a "colorless" frame :) Just print it large, and hang on the wall.
  44. (Homepage) wrote: Woooow, what a nice blue sky. Love the shadow in the white snow. A great picture, with an even greater composition! Congartulations.

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