waves in the sky

† 11-01-2009 † 9663 views

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  1. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Wow. Great shot. Love the clouds rolling in.
  2. grant (Homepage) wrote: great panorama - the light is amazing.
  3. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: Following the slope of the clouds leads the eye across a vibrant landscape. Amazing.
  4. sherri (Homepage) wrote: A breath taking image.
  5. cako (Homepage) wrote: Fantastic panorama shot ... very dramatic sky.
  6. bruno (Homepage) wrote: what a amazing view. i really love panoramas. i think that this one is one of best i ever seen.
  7. Omar (Homepage) wrote: Truly nice work, I love the wave of the clouds
  8. Alex (Homepage) wrote: Una panoramica excelente, ese sol que se esconde en un rincon, esa niebla tan bien definida, o son nubes...en fin es espectacular, un fuerte abrazo.
  9. martie (Homepage) wrote: Stunning! Another one that belongs hanging in a gallery.
  10. Lunamania (Homepage) wrote: Powerful crop and the clouds are great. Is that effect from a long exposure?
  11. Nature photos (Homepage) wrote: fantasticv image. nace the panorama effect and colours.
  12. Simone (Homepage) wrote: Da restare senza parole!
  13. krims@nline.be (Homepage) wrote: Woooow! Super shot! What a great colors in the sky. Congartulations.
  14. Nicki (Homepage) wrote: What a great purple sky, stylish mix of nature and surealistic.
  15. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Stunning image!!! FANTASTIC!!!
  16. janko (Homepage) wrote: nice how those clouds make a dive into that canyon. Really gives an extra accent to that mountain range.
  17. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Wow Incredible photo!! What a cool panoramic the flowing clouds look like waves.

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