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  1. oneshotbeyond (Homepage) wrote: this is a very unique photograph. Love the feeling it gives me.
  2. Filippo (Homepage) wrote: so delicate and strong at the same time! great! i'll come back again!
  3. Harry Snowden (Homepage) wrote: Awesome image!
  4. Marie (Homepage) wrote: ce rendu est fabuleux !!!
  5. Kevin from OrganicPIX.com (Homepage) wrote: Oh, love this. Intriguing minimal approach.
  6. Larry Bliss (Homepage) wrote: Reality turns to abstraction. I like!
  7. Fantome (Homepage) wrote: The difference of textures between the floor and the trees is quite surprising. I love the result.
  8. Ida (Homepage) wrote: Dreamy shot! BRAVO... :)
  9. Francisco Díaz (Homepage) wrote: Splendid edition of this image. I like the effect on the trees and de sharp detail of the snow. Very good
  10. krusaf (Homepage) wrote: Super effect, I have to try it :)
  11. janko (Homepage) wrote: really nice shot and sweet editing. Love the lightbeams along with the shades and the blurry background. Looks really creepy / mysterious (or like you're in a forrest while being really really drunk ;) )
  12. Marcah (Homepage) wrote: Excellent work in b&w, The light behind the forest is amazing.
  13. jcof (Homepage) wrote: Maravillosas fotografías con efectos de movimiento y desenfoque. Parecen sueños hechos realidad. Enhorabuena. Wonderful photographs and motion blur effects. Seem dreams come true. Congratulations.
  14. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: Walking through a dream. I really like the effect with the trees, so surreal and calming. Nicely contrasted by the clear sharp ground. Excellent.
  15. cristina venedict (Homepage) wrote: wonderful!
  16. Lunamania (Homepage) wrote: I want to walk towards that light...great processing here and I like the abstract feel.
  17. Markus Spring (Homepage) wrote: well done - I am curious how you achieved that effect. My first guess is a montage of two pictures, isn't it. Beyond technique: it really transports the mood of the first sunlight in a winterly forest
  18. Frida (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful image love the processing here.
  19. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Nice effect. Very graceful.
  20. Susan (Homepage) wrote: Amazing image. I love the selective focus and the light...really, just everything about it. Fantastic!
  21. grant (Homepage) wrote: very effective, unique photo
  22. Ivar (Homepage) wrote: Cool shot, I like the light and shadow play in the snow... I like the effect on the trees better in this shot too. Very nice.
  23. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful! It appears you used the same technique in "Loaded Tables". I honestly wasn't too fond of it there but it's very, very good here. Love the shadows and details in the snow, too.
  24. micke bergling (Homepage) wrote: The first thing I thought .. I am in a dream .. This photo is beautiful, just love it ..
  25. Tom (Homepage) wrote: Cool effect and focus where needed.
  26. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: This is a truly fascinating, artistic and magical image. Great work!
  27. Ion P. (Homepage) wrote: Great post processing, great mood :-) (thank you for your visit )
  28. drum (Homepage) wrote: great one love the light ray toghether with the panning effect works great
  29. beanow (Homepage) wrote: And again the stunning of the image! The splendid processing.
  30. Robert Kruh (Homepage) wrote: Another great photo! I like details in snow and lights, rays are superb! Great work:)
  31. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: Impressive result… Congratulations
  32. Nicki (Homepage) wrote: What a great postprocessing! Nothing left to say :D
  33. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: This is vibrating!
  34. Krims@nline.be (Homepage) wrote: Wonderfull capture, superb processing, great details in the snow. Congartulations. Relly superb.
  35. Sabine (Homepage) wrote: I really like the light and the abstract feel of it.

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