Go ahead Jump

† 23-01-2009 † 5052 views

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  1. Jozsef Torsan (Homepage) wrote: Cool composition: the ski jumper, the blue sky behind the clouds and the snowy ground... Great!
  2. Dr.Ozdi (Homepage) wrote: Uh, great moment, I love them! Dr.
  3. Remus (Homepage) wrote: Amazing catch! Beautiful perspective.
  4. Craig (Homepage) wrote: Superb shot from a great angle!
  5. PeterS (Homepage) wrote: This is a great shot. You get a real sense of movement. Nice colours.
  6. Abel (Homepage) wrote: Great framing and cool jump! Hope he landed it! Nice tones in the sky! A.
  7. grant (Homepage) wrote: wow - not only a great action shot, but the backdrop is perfect.
  8. Frida (Homepage) wrote: So cool, love the framing here!
  9. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Cool! Love your framing here!
  10. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Perfect timing and fascinating composition. This is really a great shot!
  11. 613photo (Homepage) wrote: Excellent composition with the snowboarder in the corner like that. Love the clouds behind him and the fact that we can only see a hint of the ground. His already prodigious air is accentuated by that.
  12. Mustafa (Homepage) wrote: it has a nice bordering and good colors
  13. Micke Bergling (Homepage) wrote: Wow... cool. lovely,
  14. Albert (Homepage) wrote: Woww!!! Great action shot!!!
  15. Francisco Díaz (Homepage) wrote: Very good shot, in the exact moment and with a great angle. Beautiful colors.
  16. Sophie Asselin (Homepage) wrote: Great shot ! Well composed.
  17. Krims@nline.be (Homepage) wrote: Wow, superb. Love the angle! Congratulations.

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