The British Museum

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  1. Ronnie 2˘ (Homepage) wrote: Looks good in b&w : reminds me of the trouble I had trying to correct color balance under that strange roof !
  2. LightningPaul (Homepage) wrote: I love the angle and perspective in this one. Nice!
  3. Denis (Homepage) wrote: paolo , you are simply a master for these architectural photos.
  4. lgb (Homepage) wrote: Great composition and lighting. Excellent image!
  5. (Homepage) wrote: I like the way you used those lines. Very nice composition and b/w tones.
  6. Tiziano (Homepage) wrote: Che spettacolo di prospettiva. Ottimo bianco e nero
  7. gavin hart (Homepage) wrote: Great swirling pattern of the roof and great angles. Nicely framed. I'm curious about the exhibit in foreground at the left?
  8. siam (Homepage) wrote: The British Museum very rich in history, I love this black and white, which is very achieve angle in this
  9. Beat (Homepage) wrote: clear and beautifull
  10. Omar (Homepage) wrote: cool architectural picture, I like the angle of this shot
  11. Ida (Homepage) wrote: I really enjoy angles of your photos :) excellent image :)
  12. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Such powerful lines in this. The architectural detail is really wonderful here.
  13. Andres (Homepage) wrote: Excellent wide angle.
  14. Susan (Homepage) wrote: This is a very intriguing the perspective and the black and white processing.
  15. grant (Homepage) wrote: a very dramatic photo!
  16. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Awesome angle for this shot. That shiny artwork on the left really is cool! Love the patterns of the roof as well.
  17. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: Stunning! Such crisp and vivid processing!
  18. (Homepage) wrote: Wow a really beautifull archtitectural picture. Love the game of lines in. Excellent choice of color. Well done!
  19. cashondeo (Homepage) wrote: Muy bueno el punto de vista de tu foto ! Y la luz que tiene esas piedras de la izquierda es genial !
  20. Alex (Homepage) wrote: Me parece espectacular, todo acristalado...buen trabajo con la desaturacion y el procesado, saludos.
  21. Pradeep (Homepage) wrote: Love this composition, the sculpture on the left really provides a wonderful contrast...very nice :)
  22. Michael Paulison (Homepage) wrote: This is really nice in a lot of ways. The clarity is superb. The tone of the black and white is perfect. The graphical composition makes it very interesting.
  23. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: Superb clarity, and captivating lines. This image is not just a photograph to see, but is an experience to “feel” with your mind.
  24. Robert Kruh (Homepage) wrote: Nice view, fancy details, lovely reflection on windows. Bravo!
  25. Eric (Homepage) wrote: Well composed n converted in B&W.
  26. BoB (Homepage) wrote: bella inquadratura
  27. jo (Homepage) wrote: Such beauty stretching overhead. That globular object on the left is a wonderfully mysterious addition!
  28. Polydactyle (Homepage) wrote: A lot of great textures and lines. Strong composition.
  29. sherri (Homepage) wrote: Incredible structure. The greyscale really shows the details nicely.
  30. Ivar (Homepage) wrote: Nice picture with great patterns and contrasts. Like the angle you took this from.
  31. Micke Bergling (Homepage) wrote: shot..
  32. aadesanya (Homepage) wrote: great patterns and nice conversion

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