Stranger in a Strange Land

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  1. kaarel mikkin (Homepage) wrote: you know what - i see my own handwriting all over your shots (except for the hdr images:). and that is really cool, i like what i see!
  2. Jim (365,000 words) (Homepage) wrote: Very striking image.
  3. Gi˛ (Homepage) wrote: STUPENDA!!! Qui io vedo il vento...
  4. Francesco Gallarotti (Homepage) wrote: Bellissima!
  5. O s k a r f o t O (Homepage) wrote: simple is beautiful !!!
  6. Thomas @ bipsie (Homepage) wrote: Best one in this series until now, very clean yet dynamic at the same time.
  7. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: This one is more impressive.
  8. cellinux (Homepage) wrote: I can almost feel the cold wind. Great shot!
  9. Paolo (Homepage) wrote: splendidi colori e ottima resa del bianco. composizione sopraffina. tra i tanti Heinlein che ho a casa questo mi manca, dovr˛ rimediare...
  10. tom (Homepage) wrote: Well spotted. And again nice colors.
  11. BoB (Homepage) wrote: che colori forti, bellissimi
  12. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: Simple and to the point, perfect.
  13. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Oh wow!!! That looks wild. Great shot. I like the minimalist approach.
  14. Andres (Homepage) wrote: BRRRRR.... Excelent colours.
  15. mbecher (Homepage) wrote: Wow, I like this one even better than the no hunting one. The white of the snow is well preserved and the contrast with the blue sky is awesome (I'd just remove the noise from the lower sky, if I might add that).
  16. cako (Homepage) wrote: This is fantastic !
  17. Caryn Caldwell (Homepage) wrote: Ooh, I like this one, even though it makes me shiver every time I look at it! :-)
  18. aadesanya (Homepage) wrote: Perfect title for a great capture. nice
  19. Joaquin Arias (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful but cool!
  20. Frida (Homepage) wrote: It's so cool to see all the strange looking formations ice can be shaped as. Nature is never boring.....
  21. Colors Inc (Homepage) wrote: wintertime... where did you shoot that ? guess the color shift of the sky must me perfect in the original
  22. (Homepage) wrote: Wonderfull, so simplistic but so wonderfull. Congrats!
  23. Vincenz (Homepage) wrote: Au▀ergw÷hnliches Motiv! Ist das ein Makro?
  24. Alex (Homepage) wrote: Wow, me gusta como te ha quedado este gran foton, bien definida, buena compo. Saludos.

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