tin flower

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  1. Luis (Homepage) wrote: frfrfrf, makes me feel Im freezing.
  2. Cerstin (Homepage) wrote: I have never seen this - beautiful nature art forms.
  3. grant (Homepage) wrote: this is amazing, and you've composed a wonderful photo
  4. Pere (Homepage) wrote: Perfecta ejecución de un detalle original y muy interesante. Buen ojo fotográfico. Un saludo.
  5. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Now that is just wild...unreal. Great shot.
  6. JM@somedaysomewhere.net (Homepage) wrote: Amazing capture - cold and cool at the same time ;)
  7. Andres (Homepage) wrote: Now I know this is in Toscana. Cool image. Cold too.
  8. Arjan - PlasticDaisy (Homepage) wrote: I am completely awestruck! Is this for real??! I have never seen anything like this! And you captured it superbly!
  9. Albert (Homepage) wrote: Beautiful photography, the process is beautiful, a great job. Greetings
  10. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Looks so indescribably cold..and that you're at the end of the universe here. Wonderful image!!!
  11. Robert Kruh (Homepage) wrote: Ice Age 2! Love it, great shot. It must be cold there ... :)
  12. Markus Spring (Homepage) wrote: Gorgeous backlight, wonderful forms
  13. torekimi (Homepage) wrote: Woooo. Brilliant. Love that brooding sky. More snow on the way, looks like.
  14. cellinux (Homepage) wrote: freezing!! great capture!
  15. Krims@nline.be (Homepage) wrote: Again a superb shot ... I'm just loving them. Congrats!
  16. TP@Photoskiasi.com (Homepage) wrote: Nice photo. I can imagine how cold the wind would be out there Paolo. Don't think i would like to be there.
  17. Andy (Homepage) wrote: Wow the only sign of civilization in this icy land! Really nice work!
  18. Michael Paulison (Homepage) wrote: Geez! This is crazy! If it's that windy and cold, I can't imagine what you're doing there. The photo is amazing. Really great work!!! There won't be two of these.
  19. smok (Homepage) wrote: nice shot. i like the blending of the colors
  20. micke bergling (Homepage) wrote: A beautiful flower of is!A great shot..Just love it
  21. Calusarus (Homepage) wrote: On this other side ? I like the non-balanced composition, here
  22. Jim (Homepage) wrote: So unusual yet very effective. Is that ice hanging off the sign?
  23. sherri (Homepage) wrote: An exceptional image, Paolo. So very cold.

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