the shepherds nightmare

† 02-03-2009 † 8589 views

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  1. Olivier (Homepage) wrote: Magnifique rendu dans des conditions de lumičre difficile. Superbe composition. Bravo !
  2. Robert Kruh (Homepage) wrote: Paolo, great choose for hdr! Beautiful photograph, lovely processing!
  3. Lake (Homepage) wrote: Strange light, but good picture anyway !
  4. grant (Homepage) wrote: great angle, color, light...
  5. Andrés (Homepage) wrote: A very good title indeed. And great image of this sheeps mansion. You can tell the sheperd not to worry. They just left for a stroll and will be back later on for some tea...and grass. :-)
  6. Lunamania (Homepage) wrote: That golden shaft of light is celestial and the green tones in the middle of the image are incredibly rendered. Amazing.
  7. Andrew (Homepage) wrote: Another image that lets the imagination run wild. Looks like the kind of place I would play in as a child. Bravo!
  8. A\ (Homepage) wrote: Hehe, cleverly titled :) Lovely perspective with the lines all converging towards that small window in the back.
  9. Ian (Homepage) wrote: This is a nice scene - you've used the light really well. :-)
  10. Laurie (Homepage) wrote: Strong composition and details.
  11. beanow (Homepage) wrote: Splendid picture! Miraculous colouring, light, whole composition! Bravo!
  12. lgb (Homepage) wrote: Amazing light and compo. Great processing!
  13. Gëist (Homepage) wrote: I usually think that too much HDR kills the photograph... but here's a nice use of it. We can see every detail, and the light is beautiful.
  14. John Maslowski (Homepage) wrote: Stunning details in the foundation. Beautiful composition, love the light rays, colors and tones. A fascinating capture of this structure.
  15. Thomas @ bipsie (Homepage) wrote: I like the way you've used the light here, but I am not sure about the composition. It seems to be missing something.
  16. Marcie (Homepage) wrote: Very dreamlike. As always - love your unique style and processing.
  17. BoB (Homepage) wrote: l'hdr qua ci sta benissimo, stupendo quel raggio di luce in fondo
  18. Albert (Homepage) wrote: Me gusta el tono delicado del HDR, sin muchas estridencias. Da una gran sensación de amplitud de espacio.
  19. Ida (Homepage) wrote: What a perfect shot! BRAVO indeed! I love it... perfect HDR... :)
  20. Michael Paulison (Homepage) wrote: This is even better than the last one. GREAT job! This is a perfect image of this place.
  21. bluechameleon (Homepage) wrote: Superb light and composition!
  22. (Homepage) wrote: Superb, love the lighting, the hdri effect works well on this one. Well done!
  23. Pere (Homepage) wrote: Un HDR muy interesante. Con el punto justo de detalle e iluminación. Me gusta la composición y el rayo de luz que se filtra por la ventana del fondo. Un saludo.
  24. Nicki (Homepage) wrote: Superb HDR - so full of colors and light. WoW - I like it!
  25. Arnd (Homepage) wrote: Well, the sheep are gone (?) hopefully only decoyed out by the sunshine. Nice use of ambient light in your photograph.

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